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Artist: Ghostface Killah f/ Jim Jones
Album:  Apollo Kids
Song:   Handcuffin' Them Hoes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah I cheat and I fuck other bitches
Y'all just lame sucker-for-love ass niggaz
Su.F.L.A.N! Go ahead and spell it out
I gets my love game on without a doubt
My girl know I'm live (yeah) point blank period
Handcuffin them hoes y'all can't be serious
You ain't cut from the right cloth, fuck your rag
One word in your bitch ear, she all in the bag
Give a fuck if that's your broad, she shouldn't be out
We in the club lookin to put somethin fat in her mouth
Easy! Hold on, I see a fox comin
Between now and a few hours I'll be up in her stomach
And I ain't even gotta be dipped
I pull out my pocket too Sloppy Joe, mixed this thick
You ever try foldin a brick?
Tryin to shove hundred dollar bills in your jeans and half of it rip?
We them Staten Island boys, intelligent thugs
9 out of 10 times yeah we lookin to fuck
And y'all already word know what it is
On some Teena Marie shit, nucca, I'm talkin square biz

[Chorus: Ghostface]
Y'all need to stop handcuffin them hoes
Comin in the club handcuffin them hoes
You don't even know 'em handcuffin them hoes
Cuffin them hoes, cuffin them hoes

[Jim Jones - talking over Chorus at first]
Whassup Ghost?
Sucker! I hear you Ghost

F.EM.L, Fuck 'em and we leave 'em (I'm gone)
P-I-M-P, treat 'em like we great 'em (ya hear that?)
Shit, treat 'em like we don't need 'em
Cause after we fuck 'em out the phone we delete 'em (doop doop)
Leave 'em for them suckers, let them other niggaz keep 'em (you can have her)
They keep 'em to the point that we don't see 'em (where'd she go?)
Shit, but the bitches need freedom
They wanna come outside and start freakin (AOW!)
Jumpin on dick like they leapin (watch it) it's Leap Year {*laughin*}
She disappearin for the weekend (where she went?!)
So hell yeah she starts creepin
You had her locked up like she was livin in precinct (prisoner!)
She want a gangster, nigga youse a weakling
She wanna ride fast in the cars while we chiefin (vroom vroom)
Just cause you was cuffin the hoe
I had fucked her one time now I'm duckin this hoe
Please in your mind, never drop a dime but
Damn, ain't that some shit?
And I just wanted to have a good time
Now I got a hoe on my line, buggin!
Slow down


[Jim Jones - over Chorus]
Stop cuffin these hoes
Stop cuffin these hoes


[Jim Jones - over Chorus]
Stop cuffin these hoes
Stop cuffin these hoes
Let her go!