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Artist: Geto Boys 
Album:  We Can't Be Stopped
Song:   Homie Don't Play That
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[Verse One: Willie D]
Don't say I didn't warn you, about playing them whore games
Like calling me out on my name
Some of y'all are still gonna try to show off
And get busted in your goddamn mouth
I won't understand how a man can call a man
A bitch or a whore and be playing
In my book that's a no-no
Your mouth don't write a check that your ass can't cash bro
Pop you on the butt for what?
Niggaz ain't got where they play too much
Willie D ain't that type of bitch and that's it
Anything else is punk shit
I'll give you some of this (*Shots*) or some of this (*Shots*)
They're just special effects but you can bet
I got something to make them whores ease up off me black
Cause homie don't play that!

[Hook: Sampler of George Clinton's Atomic Dog]
This is for the homies, for the homies
Hawhh! Hawhh! Hawhh! Hawhh! Hawhh!
You got it! -----> Flavor Flav

[Verse Two: Willie D]
A lot of suckers got their ass kicked
Cause hardheads and ranking don't mix
But if you gonna cap on each other
You gotta know Will is getting personal sucker
Instead of eating up your homeboys grill
See that's how a nigga getting killed
Fools like to joke when your serious
So to kill the bullshit I stopped tripping with a period
Don't snatch my hat off my head like we're homies
And greet me with a bond cause you don't know me
Play with your mother or your father
You ain't got no pussy I don't even wanna be bothered
And you bet' not act like you wanna swing
Cause I'm pretty good with them things
So call my bluff, do what you like and
I'ma make you read these Nikes
Wrestling ain't masculine
You say you wanna go to war B, instead of trying to test me
Whores playing like an adolescent
Well, get your ass wrapped up like a present
Your compliments ain't nothing but a racket
Your whole conversation is plastic
You say you like my new jacket
Jealous motherfucker even sound sarcastic
It's in your voice when we're shooting and shit
Maytag ass nigga ain't nothing but a bitch
Ain't got no back cause your always fronting black
Man homie don't play that

Pumping it up on them, pumping it up
Ummmmmmmmm (I don't play that!)
Pumping it up on them, pumping it up
Ummmmmmmmm (Let's take them all the way back!)

(*Sampler of George Clinton's Atomic Dog*)
Not way back baby, HUH!

[Verse Three: Willie D]
Niggaz say I'm crazy
When I say keep your comments about my lady
They say (You're lucky, I'd wish I had a girl like that)
I never smile cause I know where their heart is at
All in front of my girl saying how pretty she looks
Game recognized, I wrote the book!
(Got a good thing, hold tight, don't lose her brother)
You may as well straight up say you wanna fuck her
Still water is running deep man
And ain't nothing worse than one who fronts like a friend
Call your crib when he know you ain't home
Trying to wrap to your girl on the telephone
Snake in the grass, I see you, I'm coming
From a mile away I start gunning (*Gun Shots*)
And every time one drops
You can get a card with their face ordered in the mailbox
See we ain't that cool
Where you can play with my girl and try to get a free feel fool
Or conversate with us alone
That I have to step in and stop you from going on and on
With that idle chatter
You say: You're just being friendly, ain't that a bitch?
You can be my brother, my father, but the fact
Is homie don't play that

Pumping it up on them, pumping it up
Ummmmmmmmm (I don't play that)
Pumping it up on them, pumping it up
Ummmmmmmmm (Man, homie don't play that)