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Artist: Geto Boys
Album:  Grip It! On That Other Level/The Geto Boys
Song:   Trigga Happy Nigga
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Today's special, is Geto Dope, processed in 5th Ward Texas
We sell so much of dis, until they wanna know what we put in it
Okay, I'ma share this recipe with y'all
Hey John (whattup?) Give me an ounce of that ether 5th Ward bass
Yeah, aww yeah, yeah, yo Doug!
Give me a half a ki' of uncut drums
Aww yeah~! Fuck yeah - say Red!
Give me a pound of them horns with red hot sass in 'em
Yeah, aww yeah, yeah! Aww yeah, say fellas!
Give me a ton of everything
and cut it with the trigga happy, motherfuckin, Geto Boys!

[Bushwick Bill]
We needed money; so I robbed a liquor store
Down on your knees you hesitate I kick the whore
Wanted for the bad, bitch I go for broke
Pull out a 9, think it's a game, she said nope
Out comes the manager must have thought I was bluffin him
He knew I was serious saw the heat when I busted him
C'mon motherfucker I ain't playin so give it up
She said the cops are comin, does it look like I give a fuck
You lucky you ain't a hoe or I'd be rockin ya
She let down her hair pulled up her skirt and said what's stoppin ya
Bitch you might mistake me for a lolligag
But if I get in that ass they'll haul me off in a bodybag
Give me the money I'm tired of the waitin shit
She said the box is empty, I said ain't that a bitch?
Back to the safe you better open it fast
I'm gettin tired I'm about to nail a cap in your ass
I got all their money let 'em live how you figure?
I'll forever be a trigga happy nigga

{*Scarface samples: "Don't fuck with me!" "You die motherfucker!"*}

[Willie D]
Doin crime in H-Town in my prime
Robbed the same motherfuckers four or five times
Where was the cops when I was rippin off dividends?
Out writin tickets to hard workin citizens
They ain't NEVER been smart enough to catch me
But one day I went crimin with a pussy
He got shot and hit the floor
I ran non-stop to my God damn front door
Stashed the cash in case
a clue led the motherfuckers to my place
I grabbed a bib, cleaned my popper
And what did I hear? A God damn chopper
Damn! Ain't this a bitch~!
The motherfucker musta snitched
I thought about puttin some heads to bed
But I played to stay instead
Surrendered, the last day of November
Made bond the first day of December
Promised myself when I see that snitch
I'd kill that son of a bitch
Went scrap to slay everday
I just couldn't, put the fuckin gun away
Wait a minute, I'm full of those 40's
Caught his ass slippin at a block party
Killed the motherfucker as he said "D please"
Put holes in his ass like rat cheese
Watch that shit, how you figure?
I'll forever be a trigga happy nigga

{*"You die motherfucker!"*}
{*"Shay hello to my lil' friend!" "Don't-don't-don't-don't-don't fuck with me!"*}
{*"Don't fuck with me!" "Ay you stupid fuck!"*}
{*"You die motherfucker!" "Shay hello to my lil' friend!"*}
{*"I take you all to fuckin hell"*}
{*"Don't fuck with me!" "You stupid fuck!"*}

Poison my corner, tryin to run a gang game
Sellin that phony shit, it's white but it ain't 'caine
Some stupid motherfucker said I owed him
I ain't payin a motherfucker I don't play and I showed him
that if you come and fuck me with that bullshit
Your card is filed and you die when I pull it
Cause life is a gamble when you fuck with a pyscho
No pity on another, it's a game it's how life goes
I'm hip to all the tricks of the trade
Killin and stealin and gankin niggaz to get paid
But this time, you bullshitted the bullshitter
And found out that I'm a trigga happy nigga

{*"Don't-don't-don't fuck with me!"*}
{*"You stupid fuck!"*}
{*"You die motherfucker!" "Shay hello to my lil' friend!"*}
{*"I take you all to fuckin hell"*}
{*"Don't fuck with me!"*}