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Artist: Geto Boys f/ Big Mike, Mr. 3-2 (Convicts)
Album:  Greatest Hits (Disc One)
Song:   Straight G-ing AKA Straight Gangsterism
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* The LP version for this song features two verses by Big Mike and one by his 
  group-mate from Convicts Mr. 3-2, and was released as a single to boost 
  Big Mike's popularity as a member of the Geto Boys replacing Willie D. 
  But to avoid the confusion amongst fans and so as to improve promotion, 
  Both the video version and the radio edition adds a fourth verse by Scarface.

[Intro: Big Mike]
Ummm, yeah, I take y'all way back

[Verse One: Big Mike]
Seven years old, I'm looking up to the gangsters in the hood
Cause to me and my cousins, yeah, they represented good
Even when we played cops and robbers on the block
Nobody wanted to play the cop, dig it?
Cause the cop was a pussy-ass bitch
And if you played the cop nigga, you got your ass kicked!
I was a curious child
I used to hang out by the ballroom, and study the gangster style
The way they talk, the way they walk, the way they act
The way they wore that gangster hat
Tilted, rim laid flat out
Now, that's the type a shit I'm talking about 
Yeah, cigarette in one hand, drink in the other
Leaning to one side, cooler than a motherfucker
With them gangster-ass nicknames
Gillie Boy, Pokey, Big Joe, Goldie and Little Lane
True motherfucking mack daddies
Bitch on the side, driving the '73 caddy
With a chrome plated 3-5-7
Ready to send a motherfucker on a stairway to heaven
I was fascinated, yeah
I let them influence me, and my mama hate it
But she still gave me love!
Cause my mama understood, that it was in my blood
See, it was a cycle
And in the few more years she wouldn't have to worry about her Michael
Cause I'll be making my own decisions
Yeah, coming up fast, clocking cash, straight Gangsterism

[Break #1: Big Mike]
Yeah! HUH! On and On and On and On and On
Yeah! break it down
HUH! like that, like that, yeah!

[Verse Two: Big Mike]
Now it's '93, I got a name for myself
Made a little wealth, played the cards I was dealt
Didn't go for self, now I'm a G
HUH! and every motherfucking body know me
Niggaz in the hood, all got love
Cause they saw me raised up from a motherfucking scrub
And whores that I know, from way back before
They used to say No! - all wanna go to the hotel
Cause they claim that they interested
And everybody talking about the shit that they wish they did
But I surpassed all that
They used to wanna know if I was down, now they don't ask all that
Cause they're believing what they're seeing
A young nigga coming up fast, yeah, straight G-ing

[Break #2: Big Mike]
HUH! yeah! On and On and On
Yeah! HUH! like that y'all
And I'm waiting back

[Verse Three: Mr. 3-2]
Sitting back as a youngster, peeping out my folks
Some were straight G's and some went not smoking dope
I had to cope with it, be a man and stay strong
Even though some folks, didn't think that I'd live long
I watch grandpa, shoot dice at the liquor store
Getting licks in the dough on Ju Man and Big Joe
Walking out the door, with a gallon of Jack
Selling straight Sess buds cause back then there wasn't no crack
A matter fact, to this day
I'm doing shit like grandpa in every way
I got my hustle on loc, I ain't fronting
Just a young nigga in this world trying to have something 
Yeah! that's the environment I know
That's how I was raised and that's how I'ma go
I don't know, will I ever be a cell mate!
But I do know, I'm never going straight, Gangsterism

[Break #3: Mr. 3-2]
Yeah (*Toke*) really though (*Toke*) 
3-2 in the motherfucking house though (*Toke*)
Down with the motherfucking GBs (*Toke*)
And y'all gonna hear the original Big Baby, really though (*Toke*)
In the motherfucking nine to the tray deuce!
I know you heard that Big Baby (*Toke*) yeah (*Toke*)
We got Seag' in the motherfucking house though from Oakland (*Toke*) 
Yeah, we got Big Mike yeah, ha ha, Fattey Hattey 
Yeah, ha ha, we got Big Chief and Lee Jay
Really though (*Toke*) say Big Baby, look at Mike Dean 
Ha ha ha, you're fucking bitch! 
Ha ha ha, really though, Bido in the motherfucking house
Yeah, my nigga Face and Bill (*Toke*) 
Really though, they can't fade the South shit though (*Toke*)
I know; they can't fade it though, I'm outta this beeyotch!

[Verse Four: Scarface]
I wore my trench coat in school with my gangster hat
This is old school gaming where the gangsters at
Bumping Parliament on my eight-track
Or Marvin Gaye's Greatest Hits for the gangster tracks
My pops made licks so he brought me weed
I follow right behind him with my parsley seeds
I've been around the game since the age of eight
I had to get it on cause there's money to make
Yo, I hit a lick back in eighty nine
I guess the art of making money must've stayed in mind
Yo, cause I just couldn't stop it
So everything I'm buying now, I'm buying now to make a larger profit
And you can squash that broke situation
Cause big time hustling, is my everyday occupation
Early to bed and early to rise
I'm money hungry, yo, and you can see it my eyes
I heard them say: All money ain't good, man
But I don't see like that, it all spend the same
But sometimes I gotta get what I ain't getting
So I come to this; Straight Gangsterism