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Artist: Geto Boys f/ Z-Ro
Album:  The Foundation
Song:   When it Gets Gangsta
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

When it get gangsta..
When it get gangsta, yeah
When it get gangsta - will these motherfuckers ride or die
When it get gangsta, yeah
Bitch nigga you ain't no soldier, you gon' hide and cry

[Willie D]
Well let me tell you a lil' somethin 'bout the niggaz I roll with
We chin check bitches, we don't go for that ho shit
Come to the Bloody Nickel tryin to stunt
Fifty thou' say I knock yo' ass out with one punch
And I don't care how many gangsta rap songs you listen to
Or the fact you smoke weed and pack a gun, I see the bitch in you
I ain't just {?} shells, be sparkin the marks
I put a clip in you like it's a walk in the park
You can try to make bond, but I'ma stick to the script
Hit you with the pistol grip and make your L-dog flip
Youse a punk, youse a bitch, I'll say it to your face
Youse a punk youse a bitch that testified for the state
All them cowards watchin your back, just don't matter
All I gotta do is clap one and the rest gon' scatter
You click on easy targets and cats who don't bust back
Niggaz thinkin y'all the real but tell me this

[Chorus: Z-Ro]
When it get gangsta - is your niggaz gonna fight or run?
When it get gangsta, yeah
The niggaz that be bumpin they be tuckin they tongue
When it get gangsta - will these motherfuckers ride or die
When it get gangsta, yeah
Bitch nigga you ain't no soldier, you gon' hide and cry

Pussies fabricated, I'm made, you hoes made up
I speak like I live it doggie, you hoes hate us
I cook and rock it cause all you hoes cake up
I'm ridin on all of you stupid hoes, pay up
What's all this wolfin niggaz is barkin, come fuck with me fool
And I'ma put a hole inside yo' ass with this tool
Seven shots, niggaz is gutter, we get in yo' shit
Talkin greasy like you runnin somethin, squeezin your dick
What is you itchy, what's really nigga?  Call from the block
Loud talkin like you scared niggaz, boy youse a mark
You know real niggaz move quiet and quick to do dirt
Put this pistol up against your jersey, squeeze it and skirt
Murder be dirty {?} but that's in the plan
And here's somethin that you can't understand
How I can just up and five-finger kill me a man
This game right here for real, you niggaz playin, but


[Willie D]
Niggaz always tell me how real I sound when I flow
That's cause the shit I talk about, I done done it befo'
Other rappers mouth off, that's just protection talk
I done robbed, sold dope, squeezed and left 'em in chalk
Yeah, them hard styles ain't about nuttin cocksucker
Lookin mean ain't never killed a motherfucker
So what you been to the pen and they call you a killer
I still draw this Desert E and spit at you nigga
My mind is made up, just balls and my word
Any bastard that fucked with mine gon' get scurred
Keep thinkin I'm playin, keep thinkin I'm kiddin
I'll bust yo' motherfuckin head wide open like a watermelon
Homeboy 'bout to get his ass whupped blue
And he gon' probably sue, cause that's what pussies do
Some say it ain't worth it but fuck that shit
I'd rather die like a soldier than to live like a bitch


[Z-Ro] When it gets gangsta..