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Artist: Geto Boys f/ DMG, Gorilla Click, Yukmouth
Album:  Da Good, Da Bad & Da Ugly
Song:   Big Faces
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[Intro: Scarface]
Rap-A-Lot, Crime Family! 
Nigga fuck that shit nigga, it's Rap-A-Lot 
Against the whole motherfucking hood nigga, what you wanna do? 
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, be down motherfucker, what you better be?

[Verse One: Scarface]
I got forty five reasons, cock back squeezing
When I hit motherfuckers, I make their block stop breezing
Nigga raids; I hang off in these streets all day
Where the good die young, in the hood I'm from
You got your niggaz in the front hood snitching on the back (HUH!)
Your cousin kicked and dipped out, looking at me tripped out
And shit is out the closet, young niggaz run the guts
Poisoning their own streets, fucking them up
Now get your squad nigga, be on for real and not a fraud nigga
Let your homies see your heart nigga, a hard nigga
Never hesitates on this, recognizes with insist
I kill and die for bread, make a believer out of the nonbelievers
Now they believe us, cause them that need us
I make the hardest niggaz freeze up
Ease up, we put the whores down and the G's up
Get your motherfucking shit straight, or nigga 'B' is up
And squeeze up front, no bullshitting in the game
We're chasing paper; and moving niggaz out the way

[Chorus: Scarface] + (DMG)
Getting big faces  (Fuck the whores, fuck the clothes)
Get your big faces (Ride a Benz, ride a Rolls)
Where your big face is? (In the boat, what you thought?
                        (Out in biz places, getting big spaces)

Getting big faces  (Fuck the whores, fuck the clothes)
Get your big faces (Ride a Benz, ride a Rolls)
Where your big face is? (In the boat, what you thought?
                        (Out in big places, getting big phases)

[Verse Two: DMG]
I can't lie, I die behind the Sckrilla of mine
All the time, and everyday down to grind
Big faces, I'm steady chasing
Nigga, my pockets can't stand it, goddamn it
I got's to have it, makes me snatching if you don't hand it
Grab your motherfucking whole role, leave you frozen in the cold slow
Bro, you're in the way of goal, you done journey down the wrong row
I want the shit that I can flow though
Nigga, this is Four L-I-F-E
Now suck a dick and make me wealthy
God help me, cause niggaz getting rich in this bitch
HUH! and me I'm trying to have shit, the Lache is my dream
To own a piece of the currency, in the street if not the whole steam


[Verse Three: Gorilla Click]
I got a new hustle, missiles too dirty about to touch
Strong on the ?? with the mask 
Raw to your fellows, hitting various licks
Put the scandalous tricks with vandals who stack chips like architects
I won't be checked, papers filled my life and my soul
I put it down on papers, serving them with verbal capers
Cause all I ever wanted to do in here was getting paid
I agg on shit, chase the vapors until I see that day

I'm about to pay them my gorilla if you're in the midst 
Go check this shit, it's realer than the evil counterfeit
I'm liquid, look at the company I hang with 
Big Face, J. Prince, Scarface and the Gorilla Click

I represent that green greed
I'm trying to at least spend fifteen
Gs, about to ball like motherfucking creek
Having ghetto dreams, been seeing in million places
By any means, still serving fiends to get them plates
Talking about Big faces


[Verse Four: Yumouth]
Nigga I record, flip the shit that broke niggaz can't afford 
Fuck the Honda Accord, we're floating in the Datson
California edition, and sipping on the Netton
Change betto to the metto, dis the motherfucking ghetto
B-O-Y-Z, and I be hiding Iry, buy trees, I like weed
Buy keys, I like Gs, stacked up, in Nikkie boxes
Terracing the closet with safety deposit
The shit that you rap about it I got it
Big faces nigga!