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Artist: Geto Boys f/ Lil' J (Uncredited)
Album:  Best Of The Geto Boys
Song:   Talking Loud, Saying Nothing (Original)
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[Verse One: Scarface]
Living your life like a big shot, you're not
Bragging and bragging about the money you got
See, you're the type of a nigga that's played for a stunt
Broker than a motherfucker, bitch! starts to front
Running around high capping like a jerk
You and that big eyed bitch in that mini-skirts
So don't look around like you're having the clue
Little nasty-ass freak, Fuck! you
D, gave me the scoop on you tramp
Your man is a Dope Fiend, buy crack with your Food Stamps
Though he played the role of a soldier
The nigga is a cracker jack, gets knock of the Toldjah
Screaming and screaming about the things that he done for you
You was a lying motherfucker, and you know too
Telling all your friends the nigga is rich
Boy, I can't stand no lying-ass bitch
You need to go up and put yourself on that other level
Talking loud as fuck, now bitch, what you're trying to settle?
Swearing up and down that he is needing ya
I bet in a week, his sorry-ass will be leaving ya
Whore thought I was through, this is far from the last
I'ma jump off the hearse, and back on your scandalous ass
Now think way back in the days, in the gutter
You and your mother, and your tricky-ass brother
I remember it, how could I forget?
And look at you now boy, you're still ain't shit
You will forever live your life as a fucking;
Low life, talking Loud, saying nothing

[Chorus: Excerpt of James Brown 'Talking Loud, Saying Nothing]
Talking loud, saying nothing, Yeah!
Hey Silly Willy, let me talk, let me say something
Let me say something, let me talk
Talking loud, saying nothing, Yeah!

[Verse Two: Bushwick Bill]
You goddamn parents are tripping
Give me some of that shit you been sniffing
You don't want your kids to hear songs of this nature
But you take them to the movies to watch Schwarzenegger
Fuck that 'Land of Opportunity' shit
I don't need permission to sell a damn hit
I say what I want, when I want, how I want
Try to stop me, get your fucking ass stomped
Call me a bad guy, but in reality
Most you motherfuckers curse worse than me
You rabble-ass, I show it, you goddamn hypocrite
I ain't hiding shit, so suck my dick
You can't stop this cause the underground is creek
Fuck that shit! you preach every week
You contradict yourself in ever phase
Do you know a stupid motherfucker that's always..


[Skit #1: Lil J]
Yeah man, we're pumping it up on the South Side
I'm fixing to get me a Benz next month
I got the money for it right now
But I'm waiting on Rico to bring me this key, you know what I'm saying?

[Verse Three: Willie D]
Nigga, do I look like a goddamn sucker?
You say you're clocking, you was a lying motherfucker
Kicking that shit about you're waiting to scope
But every time I see your ass you're waiting on Metro
I can't stand a lying-ass nigga
Try to be hard, but you're sweeter than sugar
Told the boys, you shot a cop to death
But motherfucker, you was locked down for auto theft
Say you ran shit, what you had to drink?
Nigga, you was on a goddamn punk tank
Washing out another nigga's drawers
And getting fucked up your dew-do walls
So don't give me that bullshit story
Pussy motherfucker, I heard they took your commissary
What the fuck are you, a man or a mouse? (Man!) 
Well, why the fuck you clean another nigga's house?
Whore-ass nigga, yeah the word got back
I would not busted your ass, but you tried to high-cap
You're like Pinocchio, can't get a lie straight
Say you're scoring keys when you're fucking with eights
Boy you're..


[Skit #2: Willie D in conversation with his Girl friend]
[-Willie D-] What the fuck you're doing talking to that nigga?
[Girlfriend] Ah boy, I - I went to school with him, that's my friend!

[Verse Four: Willie D]
Whore, shut up!! you're pissing me off
I'm about to bust you in your goddamn mouth
Have you forgotten my description?
I'm a Geto Boy (We can't stand lying bitches!)
Whore, you got a head like a goddamn rock
Is your motherfucking brain robbed?
Just the other day, I had a heartfelt blow
And I had to beep you, just to find you whore
Another thing I dislike, is your funky-ass friends
Bitch, who you're fucking, me or them?
You're with the whores all afternoon
And when it's time for me, all your time is consumed
But fuck that shit, take off my ring and my flack
And you owe me 2-50 for the goddamn contacts
You say you love me, but you keep fucking up
Dumb bitch, you ain't doing nothing but

[Chorus: repeated until fade]