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Artist: Get Busy Committee
Album:  Pay Me In Ass (iTunes Release)
Song:   Pay Me In Ass
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Verse 1: Ryu]
Woke up, still drunk, pill pop, Advil
Real talk, I feel, half alive, half alive
Thank God, I'm here, all good, so surprised
Real talk, I feel, half alive, half alive
Oh fuck, could've died, Last Rites, pearly gates
Opened up, close my eyes, say goodnight, say goodnight
Vomit on my tux again
Vomit on my Reggie shirt
Vomit on my friend's new girlfriend's Fendi purse
Blackout, K.O., okay, today's my birthday
I'm feelin' like a newborn baby, I'm so thirsty
I need a titty fast, pussy mouth, pretty ass
Turn you out, lady, we got Jigga Fifty Diddy cash

Pre-Chorus: Ryu
Grab a glass, have a seat
Have a blast on me
We could put it on my tab, I don't look at the receipt
If you walk it like you talk it, let me see
Ain't nothin' in this world come free

Chorus: Ryu
Baby, pay me in pussy
Pay me in ass
Pay me in pussy
Baby, pay me in ass
Baby, pay me in pussy
Pussy, pay me in ass
Pay me in ass
Pay me in ass

[Scoop Deville]
"Bitch, get over here and get busy"
"Bitch, get over here and get busy"

[Verse 2: Scoop Deville]
I grew up a fuckin' screw up, and then I blew up
Who us, twin shooters, smokin' buddha
Illin', shape shiftin', money gettin'
Flippin', twenty bitches, silky pimpin'
How I, make a livin', mind ya business
Cause this right here's a ridiculous composition
Woofers beatin', base kickin', cold blooded
Frigid, frost bitten, ice grillin'
Women, exotic, London, Venice
Money, honey, I got it, to spend it
Forget it, it's nothin', we gets it, slumpin'
Mr. Drum and Donald Trump it, hoe, you gotta love it (Uh!)

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus