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Artist: Gemstones f/ Lupe Fiasco, Pooh Bear
Album:  Troubles of the World
Song:   We On
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(Jaguar Skills! HOOOOOOOOOO!)
[Intro: Lupe Fiasco (Gemstones)]
Reportin live from somewhere sexy...
Heh, somewhere up top..
You know what it is!
Heavy As Heaven in '07 (yeah, yeah)
Gemini, Troubles of the World, you dig?
(Yeah, yeah, yeah...)
[Lupe Fiasco]
I, represent it to the fullest
Never met a nigga that can take it where I took it
That ain't gon' make you hate us now would it?

Troubles of the World man, there nigga pull it

[LF] Come kick with your homie I'll show you how to push it
[GS] You lookin and starin like camoflague in the bushes
[LF] Fly in your mind, I'll show you how to look it
[GS] Rocks in the band like oh God, my goodness 
[LF] I'ma tell 'em bout you
[GS] Tell 'em bout we
[LF] We let's tell 'em on two
[GS] Tell 'em on three
[LF] We'll show 'em what it do
[GS] Show 'em what it be
[LF] Gem- to the M-IN-I
[GS] L-U-P-E
[LF] Got, gold watch and, gold chains
[GS] Twenty, fo's choppin, so clean
Beat, knock, we, rock, Chi-ca 
[LF] -go mayne, gotta understand this is who we are
Purple murder service and comme des garcons

[GS] Any given time we purchase them new cars
Somebody call a surgeon, we hurtin them too hard
[LF] Us takin it light, is takin it too far
[GS] What you expect? Playboy, we two stars
[LF] Screw stars, we the new Mars
Lookin for a Venus -
[GS] me and you a genius

[Chorus: Pooh Bear]
We gon' show ya, what it was
How it do, what it does, light it up, catch a buzz
We gon' lock it, on down
Throw ya keys, in the motor, keep it movin, cross the border
We on (we on), we on (we on)
We on (we on), we on (we on) 
Cause we on (we on), we on (we on) 
Cause we on! (we on!), We on! (We on!)
[Gemstones (Lupe Fiasco)]
We the '85 Bears, ('92 Bulls)
'05 Sox/socks (wit a whole lotta pull)
[Lupe Fiasco]
All rolled up and there's no lettin up
If you're smart, you'll wanna be the '07 us
Uh, never met a nigga breathin this cold
Bought Chevy's everywhere, 23's 24's
Nuttin' but the best, TV screens on the do'
Gotta get it how you live it when you livin in the go
Well I'm all like no chrome, low tints fo' phones
Just in case, E.T. wanna go home
Never chase, cause of me there is no Jones
Levitate from the sea floor to the ozone
[GS] Five-star hotels all week
[LF] Non-stops to Paris ain't cheap
[GS] Sick lake views, big penthouse suites
[LF] Champs-Élysées is magnifique
Gucci sweats when I'm out in the streets
Linen shorts when I'm chillin on the beach
Idium when I'm out on the mountains
My ?harishi? when I'm out on the town-end
Spring water, we don't mess with the fountains
Land Rovers back to back when we campin
Felipe Lemonade, police did a raid
We didn't fade, back to the bouncin
Fresh Benz smoke one-eight peel
Speedin down the freeway, we chill-ay chill
Did the food then and it's sill-ay still
Got it off the ground like a wheelied wheel
Uh, you from the Westside?
Born and raised, you from the Southside right?
It's where I spent my days
Where I lay, where I stay
And you ain't gotta wonder why I get my ways
[Lupe Fiasco (Gemstones)]
Free Chill, (we will)
God willing, and I miss him
Was ten at the hand, got the spirit all in him
I cease the billin with the lyrics I'm pennin like
I ain't really trippin cause I know that God's with him
'Til we met again, nigga, free my niggaz
Sick with the pen, I'm a beast, my nigga
Let it, new Benz but the 23's don't fit 'em
Uh, and you know you can't red light the green light
Try to break us up, lace it up, keep the theme tight
This lifestyle may get off we don't sleep nights
I'm on the 747s, finna take flight
[LF (GS)]
Yeah, sport car faster than your car
(It's Gemini), and y'all know me
Better together, y'all know the letters
Forever N Forever - FNF U-P