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Artist: Gemma Fox f/ Juelz Santana
Album:  Messy
Song:   Gone
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Its all about you
I morn without you
girl I can't go on without you
I'm lost
I'm done
I'm poor without you
body cold
I, can't get warm without you

get up out my face
tellin me what to wear
betta go
yes or no
we ain't even gotta go there. Your houndin me
drama surroundin me
tellin me
how I shud be
ain't support shit around me. You think your
Tony Suprano
with ur ruesso
You betta let go
coz I ain't feelin
The cards you're dealin
aint no love law
you betta bak offf..

So you think you got control of me
owning me
without you even knowin me
but I, don't like the things you showin me
so its time you, moved on
im not tryna be agressin dis
stressin dis
like ima the possesiness
but i, sick of you depressin dis
so its goodbye... you're gone

How you tellin me
who you think my friends can be
turn against my family
you wanna keep me to yourself
you mad as
think i'ma put up with this
i'm the kind to love and kiss
your the kind to hit and miss
you think your
a wise
but wise guys
get the bye bye
I see you cryin
dont like the line
ain't no love loss
you betta back off....


All you do is listen to ur girlfriends
lil do you kno
all her info
she gettin from a girlfriend
I used to think you
got your ways from your mama
but now i'm startin to see
you get it from your girlfriends
it's like our life is their
and you entertainin
like I entertain them
now you wanna put me in a container
dump me like a dumpster,
give me the retainer
say i'm gettin on your damn nerves
now you know how I felt
when you were askin for money to get
your hair permed
but I ain't here to stold the matter
i'm here to be a bigger man and mould the matter
give me your heart
let me mould it back up
dats the least I can do for a thing fourth due!!

[chorus - repeat to fade]