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Artist: Armageddon
Album:  Take Control (S)
Song:   Take Control (Kendrick Lamar Responses Diss)
Typed by: @GeddyMusic

First off
Imma give you my own
Rendition of alien flow
Hotter than lithium crystals that glow
Like billions of shimmering
One's and O's
Niggas be killing me .fuck a throne
I rest my up on Nibiru
Channeling lizards from planets
This world and niggas like you

How could you think I'm any lesser than God
I'm in the stars
Doing one arm pull ups
my whole palm wrapped around mars
A rap phenomenon got Amen Ra
Trapped in my bars
Burn through your circuitry
Bursting your Dre beats on ya moms
Geddy lean em
Heavy bag work in the morn
High intensity intervals
training my verses like arms
But on the real
All these rap niggas know the deal
New niggas just new niggas
But yall niggas are meals
And I got more than two children
Whos nutrition and bills
Got me coming for you niggas with crucifixes and nails
Geddy lean on em
Yea the Geddy movement is real
Secreting poison from my tongue
Produce the truth when it spills
Im black fire and red ice
Yea dude got skills
I'm just frightenly so nice
I'm in the Booth getting chills
You getting bye I'm getting tight
Doing ny push up and dips
I get that blood money
You the type to bleed from the wrist
New york died with a broken heart
Cuz ain't no love
But don't cry nigga pull ya gun
Shoot up a club
Yea I'm nice
and im starting my buzz
Pardon my thug
Holla at me Cuz
I'm Everywhere like cops and bloods
How could you even be mad hes claiming king of new York?
He just gave you niggas life with one thought
Like, Eat peasants
Revive your street presence
Grab a chair get a fork
Dom Deluise conning the streets
Like he's baring the cross?
Fuck you and all them niggas you run with
Y'all all just flakes of dead skin
Off of puns dick
Ya all fake
A bunch if grown men on some son shit
With no cake on that straight fight over crumbs shit
And fuck whoever acting too hard to respond
Like I'm a street nigga
You probably just dont got bars
And them other wack responses your shit was garbage
From Lupes boggling gargle
To B.O.B.'s corny guitar
And anybody after
Who think they really want it with God
Better come hard porno actors
Smashing backs into cars
Nigga what?
I put in work then lay in cut
And just wait..
But most these rap niggas is butt!
So fuck it