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Artist: George Clinton 
Album:  Hey Man... Smell My Finger
Song:   Dis Beat Disrupts
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[Intro: George Clinton]
This beat disrupts, this beat disrupts
This beat disrupts, this beat disrupts

[Chorus: George Clinton]
This beat obstructs the justice of the peace
And the quiet in your neighborhood tonight
And not only that your feet, scramble like a riot's going on
Back and forth and up and down and all across the floor
I never felt like this before, ohh yeah, it was a housequake
[Verse One: George Clinton]
Did you ever get the feeling that the walls were shaking?
The ceiling was loose out from under top of the roof?
Shut up! already.. the beats came out so downright courageous
It chopping the meldoy like a machete
The beat just stomps the groove into a power housequake
Okay, the next thing I know, I heard a bam followed by a boom
Party people steady jumping, all around the room
The cops came soon, we discovered they came to party
We were stone cold quaking, honest to God almighty
Bam went the back beat, Boom went the alpine woofers
Back to back, consecutively they bumped
It was hell from the captian if the party did jump
Okay! so what you wanna know, honey, tell me about it?
So what you got to say? and I might say yes
It might be good to go if you know one why doubt it
This is what you got coming
Plenty of pumping, humping, pumping, jumping
If it takes too long, then you're doing it wrong
Because it's positively easy on your feet cause your jumping
The object is to keep to pick the groove, shut up!
Hold that thought, better yet scrap it, the beat's cold chilling
And derailing your train of thought dispatching it
The beats buried the groove and moving it down to the ground

[Hook: George Clinton]
That's beat disrupts, that's beat disrupts
That's beat disrupts, that's beat disrupts

[Chorus until faded with GC ad-libs below]

[Outro: George Clinton]
This beat disrupts
The shit never take to time to place
Shake it like an earth shake
Re-up on your richter scale, baby
The shit starts hitting your empty space