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Artist: George Clinton f/ RZA, Tash Mahogany
Album:  George Clinton and His Gangsters of Love
Song:   Heaven
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: RZA (George Clinton & Tash Mahogany)]
Yeah, sugar doll, I want to be everything to you
Do everything for you, I wanna be your best friend, love
(If I was your girlfriend)

[Chorus 2X: Tash Mahogany (w/ George Clinton)]
Heaven sent a lover full of energy
Should you try, would you try, with me baby
(If I was your girlfriend)

You ran to and tell, I wanna help you breath
I wanna put every thought in your mind at ease
If I was your best friend, would you tell me when I got you stressing?
Would you answer those questions that keep me guessing
Will we, go to church together, choose a purse together
Getting up in the morning, looking our worse together
Heading to restaurants, then clean our plates
Then order desert, then we know we watching our weight
Tell me, would you let me do your hair then dress you
Then comfort, and do all things that best friends do
On the couch together watching Sex and the City
Or in the mirror, comparing the size of our titties
Would you reveal how good I make you feel
How big it is, how it makes you squeel
How you think you found love, you don't know if it's real
But you been talking, bout stop taking the pill

[Chorus 2X]

On the wall, on the floor, on the hook behind the door
On the counter in the kitchen, on the beach by the shore
In Miami heat, she had the prettiest feet
In Paris, the room villa, making love, bon appetit
Hours in the shower, outside the World Trade Tower
Before they blew 'em in the park on the mayflowers
On the table in Mickey D's
On the mattress, covered with fifty g's, honey & sticky sheets

[Tash Mahogany]
Could we go to the bar, we both in Timbs at the sports bar
Drinking hard liquor shots of gin
Fly connection, but I got one question
Would you let me love you past the third & fourt dimension?
A bond beyond to understanding the nerve
I said a bond that's way beyond, the way they say that love begins
We playing Grand Theft Auto, playing more harder
Cuz it's feelings involved you know you snatch my heart up
Start my car up, jacked and say you bother
Give me plus the four-four a mill' and tomorrows
Some say I'm out with the guys and make it clear though
Could I be like one of the guys, could we be near though
But here though, could you do the things my girls do like
Pick me out a style, outfit, nail polish too
I want a love that will outlast our love of friends
When I die, put me besides, say him and her was many friends

[Hook: Tash Mahogany]
Hey, could you love me til forever
How you, feel, if this question was forever
It's real, realer than we ever ever kept it real
Within me, wonder we can try to strengthen up
If we try now, we can have a bond of friends
Take our time now, love be strong until the end
Can't no one or lover will outlast our love of friends
Tell me if I was your girlfriend, tell me
What would happen then?

[Chorus 2X]