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Artist: Gangrene
Album:  Vodka & Ayahuasca
Song:   Top Instructors
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Oh No ]
Y'all don't really want a feud in here
Best advice is be cool in there
Or be found in the dirt with worms in the ear
With slugged brain, clogged heart and drugged vein
I take away they thug names where the pavement is stained
The flame thrower's seen it through a crystal ball's opus
Watchin the paper catch fire as I wrote this
Focus on the dopest, I'm hopin the potent
Perhaps you didn't know niggas be smokin
Open quicker than a lotus rollin
Low and behold the new
If nothin new, then the most improved
I make a move like my gun shoot
Rollin with gumshoes
Strategic moves like Sun Tzu
Chicks in bladed heels and gunshus
Face your fears like ayahuasca
I vomit vodka all on your roster
The Doctor, the chief rocker
I chiefly rock ya
Lift your head to the blades of a helicopter
Then ox ya

Y'all don't really want us two in here
Don't make us act a fool in here
Y'all don't wanna feud in here
Don't make us lose our cool in here

[ The Alchemist ]
The Fire Marshall Bill of rappin, bills stackin
Limousine seats to peel back in
Spin the wheel wagon, don't hit the dirt, kill maggots
Flies, insects get splattered on the windshield
Mosquitos in the grill
Nemesis - Magneto with the spill
See them on the hill, fat ( ? ) with the pill
Dentist with the drill
Hard to kill the extra large ( ? ) hardshell
Liftin up blunts like barbells
Fuckin up your new car smell
I throw a rhyme, then watch a dart sail
Right in front of your crib like a yard sale
Make the meters crack
Bless you with a funny shape up, push your caesar back
Snatch 40 ounces off a freezer rack
Leave 'em leakin like haemophiliacs
All over, drinkin gasolina till I fall over
Wolverines that blow the wall over
Hotter than the asphalt black top they bounce and ball over