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Artist: Gangrene
Album:  Vodka & Ayahuasca
Song:   Odds Cracked
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Oh No ]
Your Doctor's back, your odds is cracked
I push a grown man into a permanent nap
With murderous raps, a journalist killin the track
Words written on the wall like that of a zodiac
Where Oh be at? I'm in the lab pokin at a rat
Smokin a havoc bag, blinded by cataracts
Animal habitat, a cannibal snatchin hats
Radical rattattatt, smashin your battle raps
Cold as a avalanche, I am a mountain top
The peak of the iceberg, sittin on Titanic locks
I bring down your ironic yacht
You need a arch to get by this iconic shark
This line of art is open wide, the wire sparks
Electricity, shock vicinities, meet thy entity
Oh No, the state's enemy
You will need ten of me, literally
To get rid of me, it'll be
That cold day, I swear
I roll that OG in hell
The blind won't need braille
From what I tell
You can see every word inscripted into a shell
And the shell's in the hand of a killer like it's a grail
And that grail's made to repel the body ( ? ) frail
Enter the chamber with so much anger, send 'em to hell

[ The Alchemist ]
The Chemist back, my pen is back
Boy brace yourself, your dentist wack
Animal rap, demented track
Break cameras, leave lenses cracked
My Range covered in champagne, my Benz is black
But you need not to consider that
Cause I ain't with all the chitter-chat
Words on the paper is chicken scratch
Fuck outta here, you sharpened your pencil to scribble that?
I belittle that, roll a cigarette after I take a shit on that
Nothin but the raw, give 'em that
Oh said sick 'em, so I get 'em
It'll be a fire burnin in heaven before I snitch
(I'm comin with extensive heat) on affordable hits
Smack the mascara off the face more than a bitch
Gangrene, body parts in a ditch
Time to finish my breakfast, finish my dish
Fuck it, stick a fork in a fish