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Artist: Gangrene f/ Kool G Rap
Album:  Vodka & Ayahuasca
Song:   Gladiator Music
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Oh No ]
I'm a gladiator, I'll grab a hater like Al-Qaeda
Pray to your savior, then meet thy maker
I rain razors, stain pavement with brains
Hangin like Wes Craven made it
West favorite, flagrant, I'm foul
The foul mouth faded, Cali wild style of sparrin
Rip apart y'all like 300 Spartans and two arsons
I move carcasses
Y'all don't wanna start these architects
Michelangelo, archangel to mark up your set
Get set - go!
From every angle I strangle your neck
Disconnect your lungs from your chest
That's takin your breath
Then connect some rats where you rest, then piss on the steps
Disrespectful, then eat with your bitch
Shit is sick
I infest Gangrene from the ditch, it's gutter water
And there's nothin quite like this, we push 'em harder
And I don't care if it's for honor or gettin farther
An Osama martyr, partner, I slaughter harder than lava
All ya

Now you don't want a war with us, we're glorious
We remain victorious, there's more of us

Yeah, I'm on my gladiator shit

[ VERSE 2: The Alchemist ]
I'm a hell bringer, bell ringer, mud slinger
Rapid muscle spasmer with gun finger
I run rings around under-the-wingers and bum singers
Hit 'em with dumb stingers
Cavemen, club swingers and blood drinkers
You know, Double G style displayed
Got you ( ? ) and filet'd
Gasoline bath, arsonic sprayed on your parade
(Scooby Doo y'all, Scooby Doo y'all)
Rappers are Ru Paul
I'm Kool-Aid man comin through your fuckin wall
I use a bone saw to cut your ears and your nose off
Arms, legs, fingers and toes off
Then drink promethazine and smoke a spliff over the body and doze off
Scene of the crime, yellow tape roped off
Burn doobies, my scalpel gets plenty usage
On the chopping block, while I'm canoein through heavy sewage
Gladiator style, Roman candles
Animals, and helmets and sandals
Poke holes through you panels and throw arrows


[ VERSE 3: Kool G Rap ]
You know the boy spit a kilo of 'caine, he insane
Force the listener to get the whole picture in ten frames
I flush the Mont Blanc, post the cocoa like Noah
Ochoa, toast blowers that's nuts like granola
Soldier, Red October with red hot toasters
Rockin mittens up in the kitchen, they bread pie holders
( ? ), throwin boulders, blow your head out your Rover
Heart cold as the polars
I know Cali-side sign throwers and hit rollers
That roll like Corollas
Mommy, just wanna leave your panties slimy like Oprah
Back-bend over, grippin the arm of the sofa
Deal-closer, musclin weight, hustle a trade
King of the same city Kurt Russell escaped
Tuck in the eight, get stuck in a wake
Like the face of the presidents in my residence that's stuffed in my safe
Celebrate with a bucket of grapes, you fuckin with greats
Cause ain't no time for bullshit, the discussion is cake
Feel me