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Artist: Gangrene
Album:  Vodka & Ayahuasca
Song:   Due Work
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Oh No ]
See, I'ma need 'em stocks and bonds
I know cats that'll ox your moms
And use weapons like rockets and bombs
You fucked yourself like rockin the palm
I'm packin raw, back clap and they fall
It's Jackson, y'all got stuck crawlin on walls
Reaction - jaws on the floors, the hammers of Thors
The grammar is rammin your doors
Y'all smoke bammer till it's gone
Nigga, we smoke kush to get strong
Strenuous, brainless, stainin they pavements with names
Like the Hollywood Fame from choosin the wrong lane
At the wrong time, the wrong side, goin the wrong way
It's a suicide to see the truest live at broad day
Oh come through the little-ass blocks
And the little-ass ox get your little-ass shot
With a little-ass Glock from a young nigga's little-ass spot
O.N. say you're little too hot - pop
Shoulda let your little ass rot
Gangrene givin y'all little more crack rock

(With me and my crew)
(Work is never done)
(What the dealy?)
(Gang) (grene)

[ The Alchemist ]
Trapped in my environment, psychedelic mind trip
Saliva spit nothin but fly shit
Cause I recline in a Recaro with the platoon goons, get plenty money on that Plies shit
I split with a pizza cutter
Me and the gutter go together like bread with peanut butter and jelly
Buddha belly, cheeba smokin in telly
Global celly, smoother than Fonzarelli
Blunts from the deli, it's written in the book of Eli
Hail Mary Makaveli, 'Don't Push Me' like that hook from Melle
Duffle bags are smelly, spinnin like blades on a heli
More the merry, spillin out milk, I pour the dairy
Styles vary, not the ordinary
Preach the sermon from the stage of the monastery
I'm legendary
Gang's monetary, not temporary
More flavors than Ben & Jerry's, my pen is scary
Take notes like a secretary on how I construct
Double G orchestrations what I conduct