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Artist: Gambino Family 
Album:  Ghetto Organized 
Song:   Young Gunz 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

See, I told em bout fucking with me 
I don't have to lay a hand on you fucking guys 
I'ma let my Young Gunz deal with y'all 
Nigga these these cowards fucking around 
The fucking revolution will not be ill-advised 
This motherfucker being taken over by a bunch of motherfucking 
Young ass breeders nigga, fucking Young Gunz 
Niggaz like Reginelli and Melchior 
From the fucking Gambino Family nigga 
You ain't ready for this fucking shit, nigga you ain't ready 

This is some gangsta niggaz, that we call the Young Gunz 
Making blood run, busting at you bitches for fun 
With automatic triggers, when I enter the room niggaz shiver 
I was taught and raised, how to be a blood spiller 
On the streets, it's either shoot or you getting whacked 
Busting back in all black, with them mini macks 
Cause I'll wet ya folk, don't let your heat fool ya 
Cause I'll do ya, Young Gunz run through ya 
Every nigga on my team, is a killing machine 
Exterminating my foes, constantly by any means 
I be mugging, my pistol I'm hugging 
You ain't nothing but a fly to me, so I'ma stop you from bugging 
I'm gonna get there I'm camouflage, like G.I. Joe 
Make niggaz die slow, but I'm still a desperado 
Fa sho, I'ma have your street and mama shedding tears 
I cause reporting on you fakers, it's three years 

[Chorus - 4x] 
We some young gun niggaz, busting for fun niggaz 
Just some young bleeders, with our hands on some heaters 

I'm stanking pussy niggaz daily, hear a scream when I'm here 
These niggaz pray to see me buried, but my life's never ending 
So respect these adolescents, when we roll through your hood 
Premeditated gangsta shit, we ain't up to no good 
You wouldn't wanna stick around me, cause I'm filled with hate 
I'm like the nuclear bomb, detonate in your face 
Case closed, when you haters must be wearing a vest 
Number one fucking sniper, laying your body to rest 
Murder mo' is my motto, ball till I fall 
Give me a pistol, bloody bodies watch me fade em all 
No hesitation in my occupation, bad situation 
You bitches couldn't hold me, even if you duct taped me 
I'm a real nigga, hang with them hard to kill niggaz 
Chill nigga, or I'ma send my automatic steel nigga 
Without a doubt, sending slugs to your liver 
Body shiver, now your fucking soul has risen the Young Gunz nigga 

[Chorus - 4x] 

Now you can go and kill yourself, you try to test me 
You gon' lose, and then the ending is gonna be a bloody crime scene 
So stay in your home, get down and don't move 
Anybody move or snooze, believe you get blew 

Cause we the baddest motherfuckers, slanging heat on the block 
Tell the rookies spitting bullets, or your heart we gon' stop 
Don't be a victim to the guns, we more deadly than asthma 
You can try to test our nuts, so we left em dead with no answers 

Let's make it happen nigga, I be the reason you bitches is bleeding 
Reginelli sending slugs, that you niggaz receiving 
We some worldwide killers, ain't got no time to play 
It's all about the Young Gunz, in black with the K 

Just me and Reginelli, keep our fingers on semi automatic triggers 
Busting slugs, at niggaz liver 
We some blood spillers, Young Gunz the fifty round shooters 
Let's make it happen, and watch how a nigga do ya 

I'ma ball till I fall, put my name on the wall 
Any nigga player hating, getting sent to the morgue 

But we them Young Gunz nigga, that you love to hate 
You pussy bitches wanted before, but nigga now it's too late 
Reginelli (and Melchior, nigga I know you heard) 
We known for busting heads, (and leaving em on the curb) 

[Chorus - 8x]