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Artist: G-Unit
Album:  Real Quick {S}
Song:   Real Quick
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{*sample and beat is from Drake's "0 to 100/The Catch Up"*}

[Intro: Drake sample]
Valuable lesson, man I had to grow up
That's why I never ask for help
I'll do it for you niggaz and do it for myself

[Chorus: Drake sample]
I go 0 to 100 nigga, real quick
Real quick, whole squad on that real shit
0 to 100 nigga, real quick
Real quick, real fuckin quick nigga
0 to 100 nigga, real quick
Real quick, whole squad on that real shit
0 to 100 nigga, real quick
Real quick, real fuckin quick nigga!

[50 Cent]
I'll run my blade 'cross a nigga ass {"real quick"}
I'm so for real I'm on some real real nigga shit
You playin boy I'll get you hit {"real quick"}
You better hope the parademics come {"real quick"}
Got me fucked up you think it's different now a nigga rich
Before I get to cuttin know you niggaz better cut the shit
Boy, you gon' have ya head popped, pull a trigger for me
And my lil' niggaz trigger op' like it's legal homie
No game when I bang, boy I empty the clip
You run like a bitch, you ain't 'bout that shit
Hey hey hey hey, I'll catch you another day day day day
It's the Unit back to the bullshit

[Tony Yayo]
Yeah~! Nothin in life is out of bounds
AK hold about a hundred rounds
60 shots like K.D. at the Rucker's
Okay~! When I see you on respirators
Southside nigga 'til the day I'm gone
Indulge in the violence when the drama on
Yeah, these rap niggaz lukewarm
I'm two sleeves of dope, when the mic on


[Kidd Kidd]
Real quick, Rida Gang fuck nigga, huh~!

Don't Tweet me, see me when you see me
Down to make the news just to say that I'm on TV (Kidd Kidd)
This clip rated R, niggaz PG
Them shells burn like a bootleg CD (huh?)
Fuck love, I want the money
When you get too much of it they gon' say you actin funny
"Kidd, how you feel now that the Unit's back?"
Like a million bucks, muh'fucker do the math!

[Young Buck]
Cold-blooded, boy my heart don't feel shit
Get with me, ask 50, I'll take the hit {"real quick"}
Balenciagas, you can still get ya ass kicked
Take a rapper nigga bitch and make a real flick
I know I'm different from what you usually be dealin with
Don't need a mic, give me some white to make a million with
Single borough, six shots on the Brooklyn Bridge
I'll let the nigga Drake tell you what I just did (yeah)


[Lloyd Banks]
Nigga gettin money new to you (uh)
I give a fuck if shit get ugly, there'll be a beautiful funeral
You fit the script I'm gon' assume it's true
Can't manuever through the street without a strategy, ain't nobody to tutor you
And man was lucky Unit's through, you know why he flows
15 years, switchin dealers like casinos
And my goon'll clip you on the arm (uhh)
I'm out the country every week and dumpin ash out on the Autobahn
Auto-pilot's always on
Rather better livin, I've been {?}, green bills callin me all day long
This is homicide, more tears in your mama eyes
More reason to wake up, real niggaz arrive