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Artist: G-Unit
Album:  The Beauty of Independence
Song:   Watch Me
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[Intro: 50 Cent]
G-Unit in the house! (What? Nigga what?)
G-Unit in the house! (What wh-what what?)
G-Unit in the house! (What? Nigga what?)

[Chorus: Young Buck]
I got 'em WATCHIN me!
Look how I'm movin
I got 'em WATCHIN me!
Look what I'm doin
Hol' up now; they WATCHIN me!
I keep it movin
And since they WATCHIN me!
This how I'm doin
Rock and rollin on 'em

[Young Buck]
100 bottles, give me every bottle in this bitch
Where she at? I want every model in this bitch
Blow the check, these hoes wanna know just who I am
Takin pictures, tryin to do it for they Instagram
Presidential Roley, bezel got them big boogers
Fuck the onlookers, shout-out to the real cookers
Gold chains, couple Audemars and Cartiers
We charter Lears, these hoes know the party here

[Kidd Kidd]
Blowin on that killa-kill, neck on chilly-chill
Baby let me get a feel, show me that it's really real
Bad bitch from Ca$hville, met her up in Club Live
Don't care who yo' man is, long as he ain't up in here
Ain't nothin changed, still the same ol' two-step
I done had some A-1 hoes and a few F's
I done ordered bottles, 100 bottles and got two left
Somebody got bust upside they head, G-Unit there


[50 Cent]
Hol' up, I think I love these hoes, a nigga tryna fuck 'em all
I'm lit up in this bitch, ballin, I will blow it boy
No suckers in my section, oh no no, my shit legit
You niggaz get to flexin bitch and I will get ya hit
I got a paper route, a nigga gettin plenty bread
Oyster perpetual, you niggaz know what time it is
Dance like a B-boy, just like a D-boy
Yeah I'm a G, boy, you know it's me, boy!

[Lloyd Banks]
Uh, I think I'm gon' remain reclined and count
So many girls it take a hour for me shout 'em out
The coupe in Florence, the shit I hear been super borin
Dawg, I'm sharp as hundreds with the blue tint on 'em
Uh, shit a phenomenon, I kept my promise
Respect and honest, the grind bought off a neck of diamonds
Shinin, plenty tried, don't got the timin
Bet he out there island hoppin and you're lost still in the thousands

[Tony Yayo]
Bottles of Clicquot, smokin hookah with eight hoes
Five angel heads on my neck, all froze
Enter visions, interpretations, watch with your ears
I bought the last watch in the Lear
Ask Jacob, ask David, ask Eric Da Jeweler
Ask Beth in Jersey when I bought my first Muller
I got 'em watchin me, with the yacht, master Roley on
In that new Rolls Royce with the top gone