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Artist: Guerilla Maab
Album:  Resurrected
Song:   All My Dogs
Typed by: Lil Hustle

This for, all of my dogs

All of my people, all of my killers all of my dogs
All of my niggaz all my gorillas, all of my dogs - 4x

[Dougie D]
This for all of my dogs, all of my motherfuckers on lock
All my motherfuckers that's dead and gone, and all the ones that's here now
I'ma make you raise the roof in this son of a bitch, gon 'head get buck and get loud
From the heart I gotta say that I love y'all, and I'ma represent till I die
Dilly Boy you know what this is, we done came a long way from being kids
From playing cops and robbers up in the hood, to rolling a candy coated Benz
We just so fly oh my, that we all in the motherfucking wind
Now that we all grown motherfucking men, we can fuck shit up just like kids
Down for my family down for my people, down for my boys
Down for my niggaz down for my killers, down for my dogs
We ride out on bitches, all the way to the top we climbing on bitches
Be shining on bitches, all the way for the money we stacking on bitches
What you know bout that cuz, Guerilla Maab and the motherfuckers over Backwood 
We packing what you hoes lacking, hit hard checks like a Green Bay Packer
I'm doing my thang a hundred percent proof, ain't nobody gon do it the way that I do
All my folks get down and get loose, this one here streets done made for you


This for all of my killers all my guerillas, that's living untamed
Bleed the block trying to get your change, for the love of do' living the life of the pain
I gotta ride for y'all, all my niggaz locked up behind the wall
All my niggaz that took the final call, better believe we fin to mash for y'all
Straight to the top when I come out the lot, in a swang and a drop when I represent
All of my dogs and it's evident, I put it on Screw-U so I'm rocking it
We keeping it real for the people who keeping it real with us, in a trunk steady bumping us
And wasn't ever giving up on us, and down to ride when it's time to bust
Lil' Trae fin to spit the real, now what would I be with none of my niggaz
I'd prolly be dead in the mist of guerillas, or stuck in a cell with multiple killers
You gotta keep your head up, take your time and nigga don't let up
Even though this life be tough, you gotta be standing strong even though you know the road get rough
I'm a hundred percent down with y'all, you gotta do what you gotta do
As long as you plan on never giving up, the Maab gon forever stay down with you
Cause I ride for my niggaz and die for my niggaz, when it come to the end I cry with my niggaz
I'm sick of me losing all of my niggaz, I'm telling you that I love you niggaz


This one for all of my dogs, creeping off in the land to the end of time
AK-47 3-57 mack 11 and a mo'fucking sawed off, everybody get hauled off
To the cemetery, when a nigga get aggravated
Running up in your house with the nickel plated, artillery up in your mouth
Cause I'm a mad man, and all of my dogs are ignant and twisted
Call me a landlord, cause I tend to make niggaz souls get evicted
Mass murder, all of my dogs down with it
Got a lick for ninety bricks, and yeah my people gon go hit it
All of my people stay on the grind, 24/7 a constant shine
HPD can eat a dick, cause we guerillas and we above the law
Ain't got no love for y'all, ain't no compassion
Cause everytime y'all motherfuckers come to the ghetto, y'all come blasting
That there why I be masking, and ready to run y'all over
I'm about stacking my feddy, but feminine niggaz feel me cause I'm a soldier
Like britches I'll fold ya, I done told ya already
Back-back or the black mack, will touch all y'all belly