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Artist: G'Fellas f/ Frost, MNMsta (Foesum)
Album:  Crime Stories
Song:   West Coast Rocks
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Nino] Now we got to show you how the west coast rocks
[Slow] Oh, what a pity, we mobbin' through your city
[Nino] Now we got to show you how the west coast rocks
[Slow] Oh, what a pity, we mobbin' through your city

(Verse 1)
Now I got to show you how the west coast rocks
With more punch than them twelve gauge shots, we got knots
Hundred dollar bills, nothin' less than a fifty
Nine Impala, you the kid, I'm the father
Makin' money, fuck cream, it's a east coast dream
To be platinum
Show me that fool, and I'm flatten him
Who rocks the best in the west
Well it's kind of hard to say
Cause there's plenty of us
Too many of us

[Nino Brown]
Just tryin' to be that psycho, loco, my skin colored cocoa
Puffin' on my import, then I smoke on my vocal
Fool, I, knew, you, can't, do
What, we, do, on the west C, fool
So what, to the nitty gritty one time
We in the rage on the front page, L.A. Times
So check, 'fore you step, to my city
It's the bandit, left handed, I gets busy, fool

Repeat Hook Twice

(Verse 2)
Fuck that, and take it to the streets of
Killer Cali, the place where the gats pop
Ask me am I crazy, I say "Of course"
I don't give a fuck, peep the situation
Cause it's that shit that we be doin' when we run a operation
And it's that mad shit, we be doin' bad shit
And fuckin' around with us'll leave your ass in the casket

Now we put the mash down like some gangstas
Ridin' with straps with hollow points in the chamber
Poundin' on that ass, and we comin' servin' heat
In the switches, bustin' three wheel motion down the streets
So regulators, mount up, cause out here, we hit missions
For the homeys in the hoods, and the Gs in the prisons
From the Foe, in out here, it's do or die
Comin' from that wild west coast, home of the drive-bys

Repeat Hook Twice

(Verse 3)
[Nino Brown]
O.G.Enius, I be this, maniac
Crack a brew on them busters that don't know how to act
A., L., T., big, daddy
(???) dub, Klev, rock the beat, homey
Creep to my way, then I'm a do the dirt
Trey G's, say please, the nina might hurt
Nine times out of ten, we gon' do 'em in this
Them G-Spot, thrillers, let the games begin

Now in the west, you could feel the breeze, kick it with the G's
Or lounge with the homey sippin' 40 Oz's
In the S, the G, the V, I'm feelin' kind of bent
But it's still the place that I represent
Cause when the west is in the house, oh my God
You better not
And tell your bitch to stop ridin' on my rod, cause
When we come through, we make your crew feel shitty
It's a pity G-Spot rock in {*New York City*}

Repeat Hook Til Fade