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Artist: G'Fellas (Nino Brown & Slow Pain) f/ Frost
Album:  Crime Stories
Song:   Lowride
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Nino Brown]
Yeah, yeah
And another one

Chorus: Slow Pain (Nino Brown)
Gangstas don't dance, we low ride (East side)
Gangstas don't dance, we low ride (West side)
Gangstas don't dance, we low ride (North side)
Hittin' front, back, side to side (South side)

[Verse 1: Slow Pain]
Gangstas don't dance, we low ride
It's a O.G. dance, goin' world wide
Grab your super freak, and hit the dance floor
Slide all around like a rag six-four
Bouncin' real slow, two fifths to your chest
Hands up with your bulletproof vest (Homey)
Call me super sport of this homey dance game (What)
What's my name, Impala baller Slow Pain
Hittin' corners at the night club, gettin' love, '39
Fleet line, burnin' switches, gettin' mine
Homey, what
Pass the keys to the car
I spent eight hundred dollars at the bar
Ballers crazy, dope and fifteens bumpin'
Always into somethin', O.G.'s dumpin'
True players don't dance, we low ride
Hittin' up and down, front and back, and side to side

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Nino Brown]
We gettin' paid
Got it made, sippin' gin in the shade
Rhyme sacks, in the bomb raps (What's up)
Orale, these Mexicans is shootin' through the roof
Nino rollin' chrome ones, Slow got the Caddy Coup
Whoop, whoop
Homegirls rollin' through
Where they lookin' dangerous, flossin' at the barbecue
Bumpin' that G-Spot, ay mami, make it hot
Model freaks all around, that's the way we put it down
Low, ri, der, come on now (Low, ri, yeah)
G's doin' it, the jura can't ruin it
Front, back, side to side (Front, back)
And we filled with pride, all the homeboys do the low ride
Goin' down town, everybody gather 'round
Dip to the left side, turn to the right side (Come on, come on)
No set trippin', we straight pimpin'
Do you wanna dance with me
Come on now

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: Frost]
I got my fist bumped up, I let my shiner smoke
I get my lowride up, so let us gangstas play
My jefe said to knock you out, so then did
Get out the way of the message rollin' on them face
I'm like a '39 free line bomba
And just like el mero mero
You see, I'm down for la onda
You bet' get on your knees and cross your essences
When you see us pullin' jalas in them skin tight dresses
And we don't, smoke (???) of stress (We smoke a bomb)
And I got your clique in a full court press (Yeah)
Orale pues, what comes next as you all lie, face down
And give it up for the almighty brown
I'm all up on ya like t-shirts and Khakis
G-Spot G's, baby dawg got it crackin'
Gangstas don't dance, we low ride
And we still throwin' up that brown pride

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Slow Pain (Nino Brown in background)]
Ha ha, you hear switches like that (Yeah, that's right)
On the west coast (Uh)
Slow Pain, Nino Brown (Beezy)
The big homey Frost (Yeah)
It's all about the money, y'all (G'Fellas, baby)
Gettin' up and down (Celeb, ENT)
Represent the brown (Yeah)

[Nino Brown]
Don't stop
It don't stop