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Artist: Fu-Schnickens
Album:  Nervous Break Down
Song:   Hi Lo
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she came into my room about a quarter or two
wit only sex on her mind yeah and my mind too
she was exotic erotic her body so hypnotic
and her cuves so superb going on
she knew she got it word is born
when she stepped up I stopped
and shoved her tongue in my ear to my surprise
the girl was wild as I said slow down miss
the she reached into her bag
and put some cuffs on my wrist
then came the oils, the cream, the chain
and whips determined to put her pussy on my big fat lips

well all I said was exuse me may I walk you
down the corner not knowing that alerady
you and chip had pushed up on her
yo did you see her graphics
the shit was so fantastic the type of shit that make a crash
his car in traffic I felt like the man
when she said I was poliete then she hit me
with the seven wit some plans to meet that night
but when I called guess who picked up

we can go hi lo
we can go hi lo
deeper down below

around what time was that?
well it was about six o'clock, yo I heard this knock
I wasn't expecting company who can it be
I thought it was you poc but I did not know it was the girl
from the show the one with the big earrings standing in the front row
my eyes are started to swell yo I couldn't tell an unexpected guest in a dress
oh well come in have a seat darling you look sweet enough to eat
I'm not from boomerrang so let me see your feet
peep how she started to flip talking about chains and whipped cream
seems like she wanted to have fun with me between the sheets
yo I did her in mad techniques until she weeped her moans became groans
united she reached her sexual peak, deep in this escapade
check how she switched the mood when was rude
then she tried to take my picture
sista I have to ditch ya sorry I can't get wich'ya
let the door knob hit'cha where the good lord split'cha she was lo

well I was walking up the ave with my five six crew
causing trouble on the block cuz I had nothing to do
yo who's that over there with the derriere I swear
she stopped me in my tracks I had to stare
eheehehem cleared my throat and my approach was superb
word em up you should have heard what I say (yo tell 'em dred)
I said hello she say hi, I said my gosh you really look fly then I winked my eye
she was acting shy like if she wanted to pass me by
I said can I ahve your autograph hehehehe
she started to laugh and then she passed me a piece of paper
with her name already drafted on it daggonit that was cheesy
damn I didn't know it was so easy


so yo after she checked you she checked me
she said close your eyes she had a surprise for me to see
she started grabbing on my slacks scratching on my back
sucking on my neck yo I had to push her back
on the love seat lovely swift was how I pimped it
I meant if after the rapture yo then I sent it home
with the fake number for my phone
damn I thought I had shit sown

oh man I thought the same I have a strong game
tried to run it on my sister didn't know it was the same dame
my aim was to come up with the number now I wonder
which part of my black book should I put this under
nice to meet you I didn't want to keep you lets hook up later on
words is born I'm gonna beep you walking off looking at the digits
what is this, oh man thinking yo how'm gonna hit this....