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Artist: Fu-Schnickens
Album:  F.U. "Don't Take It Personal"
Song:   Movie Scene
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Put it by, put it by, put it by, put it by
Put it by number one phenomenon
Come follow me now, mon
Cuz Mr. Chip Fu is the Don
I think I'll tikki than I will tembo
Then I will no-so, then I will rembo
Paribari rucheep yo, Poc pass me that pen, yo, right
They can't catch this lyrical style that's wicked and wild
That I display
Slick and I'm quick with the rhyme tactic
Taught and brought by the teacher and the sinsa
So if you come test, I'm badder than the rest
Style and technique is perfect
Fighting and writing these lyrical styles my hobby and favorite subject
Buddha taught me and it brought me
Lyrical styles which is true
Done by the A the E the I, I mean Chip Fu
I drippity-drop on hip-hop
I love rub-a-dub because it's crisp
So you really got to rock, you really got to twist
You got to listen to this

He can't test you, he's a wimp
He'll be walking with a limp
So don't try to test Chip Fu, you fantail shrimp
What are you, Bullwinkle or Rocky
Don't start no beef or broccoli
So give it up, you lost, or you better duck sauce

Hey, check out our lyrical style, it's versatile
And while, yeah, we still get smiles
I bet you never heard nobody rhyme like us
We kick our rhymes like crazy fools
Eat MC's like Cheese Doodles
By Banton, yo, Pass the wanton suop, troop
He's talking caca
Yo, what's the shock of the day, hey
Say moo-goo-gai-pan, man, hey, I thought he was gay
So hold his wrist up
Now, I'm going to have to twist off his arm
Like my boy Chip-Fu said, you should have "ringed the alarm"
He call you Buckwheat, with bucked teeth
Tall with Daffy Duck feet
Now that's for having on Bruce Lees
Your techniques stale, of course you'll fail
Against the super-dope fly ebony male
Ducktales! Huey, Duey, Louie, Fuey, chop suey
Egg foo young's on my tongue, hey, that's kind of gooey
I chopsticks with drop kicks
My chow mein's plain
I do the Tiger, the Snake, and the big daddy Crane

I'm ready to rhyme back, I'm ready to rhyme forth (4x)

Nalp retsam eht htiw CM eht mi
Means I'm the MC with the master plan
Dnatsrednu t'nod sCM dna detingi steg cim eht cim eht, damn
Why means the mic gets ignited and MC's don't understand
Down with the cop, the com, the Moc and Poc
I love pih poh, which is hip hop
This backwards lyrical style that I drop from the pot ytippit, the tippity 
So give me the cim, in otherwords the mic
This style is epyh, oops, I mean hype
I mastered a style that's not a sub nuts od I tub
Togrof I spoo, oops I forgot
Deppirg si cim eht nehw toh get I
This style is ffur, in other words ruff
I'm a true Fu-Schnicken
Nekcinhcs-Uf got many many styles
I write with a ebiv
Always come out of a battle htiw yrotciv