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Artist: Fugees
Album:  Blunted on Reality
Song:   Introduction
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[Wyclef Jean - responding to an overlord voice]
        THE YEAR
Two-thousand and seventeen master!
        THE MAN
Every two-thousand years a prophecy is prophesized
To carry out the word of the shephard into this cold world
that just keeps folding
        THE GROUP
I don't know...

[Lauryn Hill]
What can make a mighty man run?
Make him drop his pride and hide?
Too black, too strong... WRONG
Spook, Sambo, Nigga, Jig
You ain't so bad, nor big
White sheets make you sad
Fraid you're gonna hang, ahhh
Now THAT'S a black thang
Boy, you scared of me
BOO!  See
Hide nigga hide, flee nigga flee run nigga run
If I got my hood, my cross, my tree my gun
My rope
And it's a long one