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Artist: Will Smith f/ Will Smith Sr.
Album:  Willennium
Song:   Interlude
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[Note: This track occurs during the fade of "Potnas"]

[Will Smith]
So dad, like did you like have real good friends
And Potnas when you was growing up?

[Will Sr.]
I had two real good friends all the way through high school

[Will] Who you had?
[Will Sr.] Thomas Jones and Jacob Curtis Jones
[Will] Were they like brothers?
[Will Sr.] Well they weren't brothers,
They just had the same last name as Jones
and everybody thought that I was a Jones too
But I wasn't, of course, I was a Smith
[Will] ...Right
[Will Sr.] But they thought I was a Jones,
They called us the "Jones Boys", we were so tight
Matter of fact I had a call from one of them...

[Will abruptly interrupts]
Hey Dad listen, check this record out!

[Will and Will Sr. laughs as beat begins]

[Will Smith]
It was a dark night, I had just sparked the mic
Brought the light, to the crowd
In Hampton, it was amped when
I finished with, "Brand New Funk"
They were screaming out, "DO SUMMERTIME!!"
Some of them was drunk, some of the time
I like to chill after the show
But tonight, yo, I wanna get ILL after the show
And there she is,
Five-sumthin', short hair, DAMN she live!
The girls get thicker further down '95
I expressed to her, sort of confessed to her
I wanted to get next to her,
So I suggested to her, we ROLL...
To suite one ten, sweet ones in
My room, Jeff in one eleven with a friend then,
BOOM BOOM BOOM, who dat?
(Open the door!!) Why they do that?
Threw back, by the noise,
Some dude and his boys
You know them? Your boyfriend?
More like an annoyed friend
Peep through the peephole,
Peeped him and all his peo-ple
That's when Charlie creep through,
"Boy, you wanna see WHO?!
Don't nobody wanna meet you!"
Damn, here come the beef stew
"My beef ain't with you (uh-uh), my beef's with Will
So, see Mack, ease back, 'fore yo' cap get peeled"
Charlie said, "Any beef with Will is, plenty beef with me"
And whenever Charlie get mad, he step to the streets he see the...
End of the story, you, wonder who survived?
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