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Artist: Will Smith f/ Jermaine Dupri, Big Punisher, R.O.C., Cam'ron
Album:  Gettin' Jiggy Wit It (So So Def Remix) (iTunes Release)
Song:   Gettin' Jiggy Wit It (Remix) *
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* Censored before its release, so only the radio edit exists

[Jermaine Dupri]
{*imitates scratching*}
Come on
See y'all know me
Y'all know the name
How it goes down
How I play the game
Get jiggy with it
Uh hun
See y'all know me
Y'all know the name
Uh huh
Get jiggy with it
How it goes down, how I play the game

[Verse 1: Will Smith]
You want me to drop
You gots to cripple me
Cause while y'all
Fake ball, I go triple P
Tommy Matola and Spielbergs hand me checks
While you talkin' a lot of talk, they ain't seeing gold yet
Much less a baget
Border chain to go with it
In weak words, ya done spit in ya nine since Rhymes
I probably heard six time (Why?)
Cause I'm the Williest
Think your stack can match mine
Now you the silliest
From Philly, it's the M-A, N in, B-L
A-C-K, now watch the playa parle
A nightmare to all haters
Cribs with elevators
Cooks and waiters
Servin' me and Jada, now you afraid of
The box-office assassin
Yeah, they say I'm
Hot to death, but in London, they say I'm smashin'
Chi-Chi-O, don't quit it
Big Will
With the remix, still
Gettin' jiggy with it

[Sample]          "The Williest, from Philly it's"
[Will Smith & JD] See y'all know me
                  Y'all know the name
[Sample]          "The Williest, from Philly it's"
[Will Smith & JD] This is how it goes down
                  And how I play the game
[Sample]          "The Williest, from Philly it's"
[Will Smith & JD] See y'all know me
                  Y'all know the name
[Sample]          "The Williest, from Philly it's"
[Jermaine Dupri]  How it goes down
                  And how I play the game

[Verse 2: Big Punisher]
We gettin' jiggy with it
Puff in Philly so you can really feel it
Pun and Willy, we gon' get it just like Biggie did it
We're still committed to gettin' paid, gettin' [{*laid*}]
In the shade
Hittin' the maid to Bill Clinton
Now we sippin' Don and Jade down to Cancun
Me and my man Tune, actin' a fool, that [{*shit'll*}] lampoon
Lancruisin' in the stretch Benz
Since me and Fresh Prince been best friends
And Benji's like
Them cats near over there
Diamond border in the air
With the chauffeur by the Range Rover of the year
I'm still feared cause you love to hate
Judge my fate
S'why being a thug is great
Ain't no playa hatin' (Hatin')
You regulatin' all you say, you're nathan
Claimin' to Mason's, but I still keep ya whole face in
Standin' ovation when you see me
Big amo B.P.
Call me a rano Cubano, we don't che-cheat

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: R.O.C.]
It's York's finest
Cops stake out
Tryin' to find us
We in the Bahamas
Hidin' in [{*vaginas*}]
We like to talk wild, flash dough and spill drinks
Bright ice like lightbulbs in the links
Sold out seats inside the colliseum
Ritz and college gleamin'
Got chicks screamin'
Intrigued by the play IV, switch fatigued
On Wednesday, it's the army
Next day, Armani
So how y'all gonna harm me
I lay y'all calmly
Until the here rapter
R.O.C. the top rapper
You cocked, but miss more shots, than the Raptors
Only thing you can fill me with
Is laughter
Ha ha ha
Y'all playas won't get far
Tryna stop me
R dot O dot C, R.O.C.
D-4-5-0, calico flow
While I have y'all know, I'm jiggy with this here
Come on

Will Smith, get jiggy with me
JD, get jiggy with it
Big Pun, get jiggy with it
That's right, that [{*nigga*}] R.O.C., gettin' jiggy with it
Killa Cam, get jiggy with it
Harlem World, get jiggy with it
Killa Cam'll get jiggy with it
Believe that, (???) get jiggy with it

[Verse 4: Cam'rom]
I get J
Benetley in the back of the hookie, ready to splay with
Pennies, I flip there, to mid-air, since level bombers
And lever farmers
Head and pajamas, in bed with pirahnahs
I'm better with (???)
Uh huh, nice aroma
My dudes like Lugz, you could call 'em isodoner
All over the map
Condo and hatch
Borrow the match
Real ballers like Alonzo and Shaq
And how could you not know
Mase is multi
Diss us, you all die
But y'all are small fry
And I never, been to Bel Air, cause I'm from St. Elsewhere
Where [{*niggas*}], get money
And they pay rent by welfare
They despise money
And them guys are funny
That's why I keep it movin' like the Energizer bunny
And if ya pas'll come me
That'll be a pity
Cause I will, get riddy, just to get jiggy (Get jiggy...)