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Artist: Will Smith
Album:  Lost and Found
Song:   Party Starter
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Big Willie!
Uh, uh, uh - get on the floorrrr!

[Chorus 2X: Will Smith]
Ohhh!  I'm the party starter
You might have a good time but we party harder
So, tell the DJ to play my song
And we can dance all night to the early mornin

[Verse One: Will Smith]
Dance, an afrodesiac
Women gyratin, simulatin sensual acts
to stimulatin musical tracks
I thought I was just gon' come out at night and get a brew and relax
but nooo!  Uh-uh, when you the party starter
It's like, you on call, you what the doctor ordered
It's like you gotta block the border to the door and
shock 'em when it's borin - get on the floorrrr!
Uhh, it's the groovicide bomber
Mic in my vest tight, strapped to my chest like
I'm a run up in the party holla'n
Be like, ohhh!  Fulfillin my callin
Big, Will, that's my name
Writin, rhymes, that's my game
Ask me again and I'll tell you the same
Look, just write your # right next to your name girl


[Verse Two: Will Smith]
He was raised in the days when the roof was raised and
every rap occasion, new and amazin
The back of the stage is amazed and gazin
Prayin for the day they can one day praise him
Studied the ways of the game and made it
Came through the maze and the haze and played it
perfect, dazed any person hated
And cursed 'em, he was unfazed, he waited
It was worth it, he never retaliated
He saved it, slavin, on the road blazin
Dazed when he was LOW, nuttin could raise him
And came to the show and, somethin uncaged in him
Like the pope of this party crusade
I'm like braids, that's never gon' fade, ya heard?
I'm like, 23's on an Escalade
Throw me into the rave like you threw a grenade, BOOM!


[Verse Three: Will Smith]
I call for the days of the unadulterated
When the artistry was cultivated
You know back when rap was smart and multi-layered
We can rap without A&R's and ultimatums, DAMN!
Now today I say the praise
I long for the GOOD OL' DAYS
When the party was all about partyin
I was a mini-party starter then
My mind bends when I call my pen
The big question - should I run to mine a vittle
Food for thought or, dumb the rhyme a little?
But Will if you come too high
That'll alienate folks, and they won't buy it
Yo, look, people gettin trapped in the track
And they be clappin, even when the rappin is whack
And what happened?  When did we get happy with that?
He old-fashioned?  YUP!  Well let's be happy he back
Ya heard me?