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Artist: Will Smith
Album:  Lost and Found
Song:   Loretta
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This is a true story
{*"Ms. Loretta"* - 2X}

[Chorus: Will Smith singing]
Loretta, wrote a love letter to a stranger
Thought that he would change her life
Thought she would be his wife
Ohhh Loretta, never ever met him no danger
Her love for him sustain her
Thought that he would change her life

[Verse One: Will Smith]
Ms. Loretta, a young girl, I never really met her
A fun girl, a real go-getter I heard
A gold Jetta a fool with books a nerd
And so I'm told hooked on my every word
Oh so bold, a love letter, cleverly worded
In her jacket pocket, wrapped inside a platinum locket
In the shape of a heart, with pictures of me
Had it inscribed, no us - no him - then no me
She fell in love with "The Prince of Bel-Air"
Fantasy was to see me and to be with me there
So she wrote a love letter to me, and then she signed it Loretta
She said I gotta go get him, Will is my soul mate
We gotta be together, how could we not be together?
Oh wait, if I send the letter
I mean how will I be sure that they give it to him
What if they don't give it to him, that'd ruin everything
I gotta take it to him myself


[Verse Two: Will Smith]
She packed all that she owned into the back of her Jetta
Her backpack and her cell phone and her love letter
Most of her stuff was done up with, pictures of me on it
With the phrase "it's gonna be" on it
Her mother beggin her, please come home
And then, Loretta resentin her, leave me alone ma
I won't leave my destiny unfilled
You just jealous because daddy ain't as sweet as my Will, click
To the front gate at NBC
In June or July, backstage at MTV
She would drive any place that they mentioned I'd be
Told herself strive for love and God eventually
would give me to her, and her to me
This was meant to be
14 months outside every event that I be at
She still keep missin me
And now she, gettin high with more frequency now
Rage rumblin inside, got to be with me now
Then she heard I married Jada - she took her love letter out
And she wrote down P.S. - I hate her


[Verse Three: Will Smith]
Kodak Center, where the Oscars is at
She sleep, gettin woke up by the cops in the back
By a dumpster, didn't even greet 'em with fear
Grinnin ear to ear, said my husband meetin me here
You know him, he nominated for his flick Ali
And it'll be hell to pay if y'all pick on me
Don't put that stick on me, hell no I'm not leavin
Get your hands off, don't make them things click on me
Kickin and screamin, you intervenin
This is fate, Mr. what you mean that I ain't?
What you mean it seem like I ain't?  Ooh you like my mom
And our love gon' survive y'all hate
God gon' take, me to my destiny
Y'all only are seein one side of me, Will gon' see the rest of me
He gon' see the best of me if I could only get him next to me
He gon' bring my blessings to me, I know it!

[Chorus] - 2X