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Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
Album:  Homebase
Song:   This Boy is Smooth
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Well I was cool and sitting by the phone and waiting for
A ring with a female voice or a date or
An invitation to a nightclub for some minglin'
But phone started jinglin'
Picked it up I checked the Rolex first
I call one of my regulars worst come to worst
I said hello
But the voice sounded nervous
Baby relax FP at your service
The girl spoke up and her voice sounded very nice
I met you last week at that club called the Paradise
I said yeah babe I'd like to go their again
Get dressed and you better be flossy at ten
Hung up the phone and checked the mirror
Sort of like ESP I could hear her
Heart beating encaged with the groove
And all I could say to myself was damn this boy is smooth

So I pulled up to the club at the gate where they let celebs in
Entre booted a Porsche 9-11 then
Girls took a look at me and started to break
Ladies come down I've already got a date
Cruised up front and I was happy to find her
Tantalizing tasty tune named Tanya
I said hey yo babe let's not go in the place yet
Come on hop in I got Luther in the tape deck
I kicked the gift and the girl was like silly putty
She said let's go some place and chill, I said really honey
We went to the beach to take a little walk
I found out I was smoother than I thought
My hands like Maverick started to wander
Left and right then wound up behind her
Face to face and chest to chest and ohh like a spindle of silk
Yo this boy is smooth

Here it is verse tres
Back at my place
The scene was set because I set it before I left
Girl I'm like a tool grab me and use me
Where do you want me by the fireplace or the jacuzi
I never slipped yo I got my grip like a handle
Turn down the lights and lit up a candle
A bottle of chilled champagne right beside me
Radio booming pumpin' the Isley's
Maybe I'll grab her and give her a kiss
Or kick her a line on the smooth Billy Dee tip
Or maybe I'll take her outside where the pool's at
Smack it up flip it nah I'm too cool for that
Ahh I know what I'll do
Hold her tightly and caress for a little while
Make it gentle and slow not faster
Pause for the cause and heres a word from the master

Yo I'm the J-A double D Jazzy
Smooth as self smooth than I have to be
Knowing acknowledged recognized that that's the king of the groove
And I'm the man that blessed FP is smooth

Hey yo J take me out...