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Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Album:  Code Red
Song:   Ain't No Place Like Home
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I'm feeling sad (yeah)
I'm feeling sad (yeah)
I'm feeling sad (yeah)
I'm feeling sad (yeah)
I'm feeling sad (yeah)

[Verse 1]
Sitting in a hotel room
A thousand miles away from nowhere
Sloped over a chair as I stare
Out the window I sigh as I'm thinking
I take a sip of the juice I been drinking
I'm trapped inside of me
Lost in the memory
Of how things used to be
I think somebody better call a doctor quick
Oh never mind I'm just a little homesick
Thinking of my mum and my dad
And when I was young good damn I was a bad boy
I remember playing catch a girl, kiss a girl
Like a sucker getting slapped every time I pucker
But I kept on chasin
Kept on running kept coming like Jason
Much nostalgia keeps bouncing through

There's no place like home (yeah)
I'm feeling sad
I'm feeling sad
I'm feeling sad
There's no place like home
I'm feeling sad
I'm feeling sad
There's no place like home

[Verse 2]
Yo there ain't no place like home
And I'm itching for the hood when I cross the states I roam
On tour getting the crowds going wild and
Stacking the honeys in a pile and putting em on file
XL a paragon on the scene
Fancy hotels and getting chauffeured in a limousine
Travel the world and yet my heart is achin
I be Yearning and burning for my mums eggs and bacon
Yo, there ain't no place like home, place like home
Ain't no place like home
Uh, I feel like Dorothy so I tries it
Kicks my heels but my Jordans wouldn't 'ize it
So back to reality
Back to Philly, get back to my family
It's fun to see strange places
But sometimes I wanna see familiar faces
Like charlie mack, bam, nut and wood
Names kinda funny but as friends go real good
Ain't no place like home for true
And that's why

[Chorus 2.5x]

[Verse 3]
Sitting in an airport my mouth watering
It's thanks giving day I'm just putting my order in
I call my mum on the phone kind a demanding
Don't stop cooking mum at seven I'm landing
She just laughed and said I don't intend to
My grandma picked up and then she ran the menu
There was turkey and stuffed corn and macaroni and cheese
And sweet potato pies ooh grandma please
On the plane now my mind drifting
Thinking of the way it used to be on Christmas
My mum used to put us to bed about nine
Saying it's, "o f t baby, ol' folks time"
That'd be down stairs laughing and jamming
But then (boo) raise ya seats back for landing
I walked in the house I felt the love
And my grandma saw me and screamed
Now here come all the hugging
I got such a feeling of emotion and love
Because can't nobody can hug you the way your grandma does
Give me a shovel and put some feed on my plate
My father said grace right before we all ate
And after he was finished I put a p.s. on
I said yo, "there ain't no place like home
And I thank God to be here with all of you"
Cause I was feeling


On behalf of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
We'd like to take this opportunity to wish y'all a (There's no place like home)
Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
And all that sumthin sumthin (There's no place like home)
But we'd also like to encourage you
To take this opportunity to pause (There's no place like home)
Just take a minute and stop and look around at your family
And thank God for them (There's no place like home)
Because they not always be here with you
There's no place like home
I'm feeling sad
I'm feeling sad
There's no place like home