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Artist: Fried f/ RZA
Album:  Fried
Song:   When You Get Out of Jail
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Jonte Short]
I'll wait once, I can't wait twice
When you get back, better treat me right
I don't need cash, but since you asked
While you with me, where you should be

[Chorus 2X: Jonte Short]
When you get out of jail, I'll be waiting
Honey, I sware, I'll be there
When you get out of jail, just remember
On that day, we'll be together

[Jonte Short]
You've done 18 months, got 18 more
That's so much time, to wait for
So you're not well, in the county hotel
But while you're gone, I'll hold on

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook: Jonte Short]
Yeah, baby, yeah...
Oooh... oooh, to make you believe, I've been missing you baby
Uh, and staying strong, everyday of the week, oh
Lately, I've been thinking about you
Uh, been way too long, and I'm losing sleep, oh...
Oooh.... yeah....
Oooh.... yeah....

[Jonte Short]
Your cold nights, will soon be warm
Cuz I'm gon' keep ya, in my arms
Good loving, I've been keeping
When you get home, wont need no sleeping

[Chorus 4X]

Yo, back on the street, packing my heat
Put my sweep, in a broken down jeep
Bout to creep, on you cats who gave me one to three
Slip back to my residence (bodododo) count my dead presidents
That I hid in the safebox, a hundred miles from the evidence
It's good to be home, pass the bone, boy the kid is back
Million dollar skate across town, ain't no slinging that
If I get knocked and locked up, for five more years
My money and my honey, will still be there, word...