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Artist: Freddie Foxxx f/ Kool G. Rap
Album:  Crazy Like a Foxxx (Demo Version)
Song:   Cook a Niggaz Ass
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"My motherfucking name is Bill Blasting
Aiyyo Foxxx, cook a nigga ass"

[Freddie Foxxx]
Now I'ma lay this lyric down quick like I planned
A real smooth style from the militant mack man
So rappers that feel they got hot enough to flow with me
Put your mic down punk, you can't roll with me
Cause I can take it better than the best
And hogtie you motherfuckers and blow holes in your chest
So understand that I come rough and rugged and wicked and tough
Until you motherfuckers had enough, yeah
The master of the microphone, I'm not a star in glitter
A bitch get in my face popping shit, I'm gon' hit her
Break her fucking legs so the bitch can't stand
And then grab a forty-five and put a slug in her man
Drag 'em to a hole where they can't be found
Then throw dirt on 'em by the pound
Now every time I go to a Hip Hop show I check the set
To see how many rappers I can wet
Because I scheme while they're dancing, I beat up high and hell
I chase down their DJs and whip 'em with a belt
And then I go to dressing rooms looking for my victim
See that my right-hand man already kicked 'em
And stomped 'em, put the nine barrel in his mouth
I drag 'em to the stage and take 'em out
I'm sick and tired of seeing all of you wannabe tough guys
Wannabe rough guys, I'm giving ya puffed eyes
Man I'm knocking niggaz off in '93
And saying 'What's up?' to all the niggaz in jail that's down with me
The rapper that used to be my man
And then he got too cool for motherfuckers in dealer's pants
He went Hollywood, you lost your style and your flavour
And looked for Freddie Foxxx to save ya
But yeah I see ya drowning and you reaching for the paddle
I crack you in ya motherfucking head and watch ya brains rattle
And then I pull you ashore for more
And you'll be wishing that I left you to drown on the ocean floor
Twenty-thousand leagues, and my rhyme is still going
Like a wave in your face, I'm still flowing
I'm nice with the mic like I'm nice with my fist
You might think that you can reach out and touch this
But when you reach your arm out, you might as well forget it
I chop your fucking arm off and beat your fucking ass with it

It's fucked up the way niggaz try to play you
They try to get yours when you a hard-striving, working motherfucker
But you know what? I'm barbequing that ass in '93 baby, like this...

Cook a niggaz ass! {*X6*}
Yo G. Rap, you bad?
Well cook that niggaz ass!

[Kool G. Rap]
Here I come to get some motherfucking wreck
But first I gotta um, vest check, gun check, clip one check, clip two check
I'm set, so let a motherfucker move a muscle
When I tussle there'll be pieces in niggaz backs like fucking puzzles
Cause Kool G. Rap is known for bringing mad noise, a bad boy
When I was young I always carried guns, I never had toys
Foxxx, give me the infrared and semi
And I'm putting red dots on niggaz foreheads and making motherfuckers Indian
You got beef? Go get yourself a wreath because it's murder
Cause I put holes in my beef like fucking White Castle burgers
So now I gotsta run up on a clown with the four-pound
Cocked back, rock black, gun a nigga down
I see him, he's coming out the fucking coliseum
Then hopped into a BM, shit
Put in a clip and then I dipped into the ride that my man had
Parked on the sidewalk, then we start to glide
I'm raining on 'em, faster nigga, oh yeah regaining on 'em
{Oh shit he's with somebody else} Fuck it, put his brain on 'em
Boom, boom, no survivors
Lifted the nigga out the seat when they found him, he be a back-seat driver
But I ain't finished with the trigger yet, I'm lighting up a cigarette
Bang, bang, I left the other nigga wet
It's G. Rap baby, you know me, you try to hurt this
I'll split your fucking top and leave a fingerprint on purpose

[Freddie Foxx]
If ten niggaz play me, ten niggaz fry
If twenty women love me, then twenty bitches cry
This is Freddie Foxxx and I'll never die
And I'ma tell your motherfucking ass why

Cook a niggaz ass! {*X6*}
Aiyyo Foxxx, you bad?
Then cook that niggaz ass!

[Freddie Foxxx]
Freddie Foxxx, said I'm devious, a lot of niggaz know
I'll make a grown man put on high heels and treat him like fucking hoe
I go back to the dark age of pain
When Greeks used to whip to a motherfucker with a seven-inch thick chain
I'm the epitome of pain
I'll drag it out your ass, wet niggaz can't stand the rain
I've been around for thirteen years, I never stall it
When niggaz see Foxxx they can't call it
I smile in your face, I make you think it's cool
I kidnap that ass and drag ya down to the swimming pool
Hold ya underwater, pull ya up just before you die
Take a knife and jam it in your eye
Never ask why, die rapper die
It was you and I, now it's just I
Fuck who got to watch, it's who got the Glocks
And who can outsmart them stanking ass cops
I got a twenty-two snub stashed in my sock
It does more damage than a ten-millimetre Glock
Because the bullets gon' travel from your foot
To your watermelon head, either way your ass is still dead
Call the morgue, cause shit just got drastic
This test he couldn't pass it, so he became the blasted bastard
Cause Foxxx ain't nobody to be joking with
Kool G. Rap and Freddie Foxxx still smoking shit
I still represent it just like I own it
My rhyme will take a niggaz head clean off his body now won't it
Since you pussy nigga, I'm up on it
Check you for your microphone and tone it like I own it
Stick an Uzi in your ass, make you fess up
Kick you in your ass, bitch nigga, pull your dress up

Cook a niggaz ass! {*X6*}
Kool G. Rap and Freddie Foxxx
Yeah, cook a niggaz ass!