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Artist: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Album:  Pinata
Album:  Scarface
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

[scratched in]
"Blood gushin, I think I hear sirens"

[Freddie Gibbs]
Yo kill the muh'fucker to the right man
Do the shit +One Blood+ nigga
Don't muh'fuckin freeze

Chiefin on that think-I-hear-my-heartbeat
Smokin every, rollin stogies on a dark street
Let's jack this nigga cause he got some shit we can't afford
'Nother day in Gary, 'nother couple niggaz in the morgue
He got the beatin, his weed crumbs on plush seats
Niggaz wanna hate, they get yellow taped and white sheets
And he steady talkin, my chopper he gonna let it rip
All the bullets that got my name are all still in clip
Life's a bitch, I was a virgin, hope she let me fuck
Pray I missed before a nigga bust his last nut
Homey eighty-fo' got the same ribs that mine had
Freddie jumped up in it like fetch me in with the dime bags
I started small time, dope game, cocaine
Pullin stick ups to the nigga from a no name
Diamond bezel, went from pebbles to a whole thang
Now them punk detectives in my section know my whole name
Gibbs, nigga, uhh, fo'sho
What'chu know about that motherfuckin point blank murder nigga?
Motherfuckin armed robbery nigga
What'chu know about that motherfuckin strong arm shit?
8100, knahmsayin bitch?
Been there and done it y'knahmsayin?
Motherfuckin ski mask
What'chu know about that motherfuckin duct tape to a nigga face nigga?
Knahmsayin that real shit, motherfuckin nose on the muh'fuckin ground nigga
Whole families nigga, ease everything like that
Grandma, uncle, cousin, everybody on the God damn flo' bitch
Uhh, yeah...