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Artist: Frank Ocean
Album:  nostalgia, ULTRA
Song:   There Will Be Tears
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There will be tears, I've no doubt
There may be smiles, but a few
And when the tears, have run out
You will be numb and blue

[Frank Ocean]
I can't be there with you, but I can dream {*6X*}
I still dream dream dream
I still dream
There will be..

[Frank Ocean]
My grandaddy was a player
Pretty boy in a pair of gators
See I met him later on
Think it was 1991
The only dad I'd ever know
But pretty soon he'd be gone too
Hide my face, hide my face
Can't let 'em see me crying
Cause these boys didn't have no fathers neither
And they weren't crying
My friend said it wasn't so bad
You can't miss what you ain't had
Well I can
I'm sad and


[Frank Ocean]
I can't be there, that's all you had to say to me was
You couldn't be there, why couldn't you say it to me?
You won't be there, you coulda warned me
You wouldn't be here right here
You wouldn't be here for me, no no no no
No no no no
No, no no
No no no no
No, no no
{*Frank harmonizes 'til the end*}