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Artist: Frank Ocean
Album:  Whip Appeal (S)
Song:   Whip Appeal
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Frank Ocean]
I'm out in front of Supreme, like I own it
Buttercream Benz, goldfinger wheels
Driver can't steer, but look like Pam Grier
She like "Where's there parkin 'round here?
That spots reserved, so are those right there"
Reserved for who?
For pretty girls in sports cars

Pretty girl drivin my sports car
Cause my license been suspended
Pretty girl drivin my sports car
Got my feet up on the woodgrain, roof missin

You've got that whip appeal
Whippin my stick, shift, gear
You'd be a gun but you're a girl
Only if whippin could kill
You've got that

[Frank Ocean]
Up and down Mulholland, on the weekends we chill
You're drivin with no shoes - cruise control
Love the way you take the wheel
Got your photo on my air freshener
In a sense just like, the

[Bridge] + [Chorus]

[Frank Ocean]
I just finished practice
She's on her way to get me, she's in traffic
She said give her 20 minutes (I'm fin' to hop in the shower)
Girl I hope 20, don't mean an hour
And as the cold water runs over my chest
I've been thinkin 'bout your skirt on my head rest

Pretty girl drivin my sports car
Pretty, roof missin

[Chorus] - 2X

[Frank Ocean]
I let you drive my Benz
Flossing all your friends 'round town
I let you fill my seats, with shopping bags
I let you go on do your thing
Riding with your friends round town
Riding with your girlfriends
And I always keep it clean
So why don't you park in the front, just to stunt
That'll make all them bitches mad
Why don't you lift up the roof, just to stunt
It'll make all them bitches mad
All them girls wanna be you