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Artist: Frank Ocean
Album:  The Lonny Breaux Collection
Song:   Real
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[Frank Ocean]
Ever since you, came into my life, I been movin
closer to, tryin to build a vault around the both of us
When you're gone baby I ain't cool
No I ain't cool, no I can't move
And I don't know what the hell is happening to us
But I don't wanna know because it feels like somethin that I want
And baby I ain't never fell in love
but if this is what they talk about then I don't ever wanna get out
They say it's infatuation
I say I don't care what you name it

Baby I'm losin my air I can't breathe love
And I feel like I'm blind I can't see it love
And as sweet as it is I can't taste it
but I know it's real love, real real love
As the sky is blue, as the moon and the air change colors
Real, I'm in love with you for real, for real

[Frank Ocean]
No I don't care, who wants to question us or break us up
cause i'd lose a thousand friends for what I got wit you
Right here baby I'm all good, yup
I'm all good ah, I'm all good oh
And I don't want, nothing but your heart and trust
Every little tender touch
And I know love ain't only made for us
But I feel like we own it; feel like we own it
And I already know what they say, they swear that we will never make it
But if I lost you today, it'd be real just the same


[Frank Ocean]
Oh~! I know it all can't be
just a figment of imagination, a dream that won't come true
Girl, I know it all can't be, just an illusion
I know what you doin to me

[Chorus] - 2X