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Artist: Frank Ocean
Album:  The Lonny Breaux Collection
Song:   Ready
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Frank Ocean]
Ohhh, ahhhhhh
Baby I know I've been gone, I know it's been so long
And girl I hope you miss me, cause you know I've been missin you baby
Been missin my baby; yeah we talk on the phone everyday
But that just don't do it for me
I need you around, yeah, I can't do without you
Shorty my plane just now touched down
I'ma send a car to come get ya from your house
So be ready in an hour
Just be ready

We only got one night, the sun's gon' be settin in a while
Be ready, be ready
We still got moonlight, I'm down for whatever right now
Be ready, be ready
Oh when the sky starts, sky starts changing
Sweet love, we'll be making, ohhhh
Just tell me
You're ready, you're ready

[Frank Ocean]
Open up the door - girl you got me throwed off
Cause when you came to kiss me yeahh, can you feel my heart beatin ohh
Look into your eyes pretty hazel brown
If you only knew what I'm thinkin 'bout
Cause I'm right here, and I'm so real
Shorty my plane leave at 9 AM tomorrow
But between then and now we can go far ohh


[Frank Ocean]
Aiyyo, we got one, yo, we got one
Yo, we got one, aiyyo
Ohhh baby I'ma take it slow
I don't wanna let you gooo
Never let go, no
Oh I know you've been patient
Waiting for this moment
Right here, right nowwwww


[Outro: repeat 2X]
Aiyyo, we got one, yo, we got one
Yo, we got one, aiyyo