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Artist: Frank Ocean
Album:  The Lonny Breaux Collection
Song:   Quickly
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Oh yeah, ohhh
{*whispered voice: "MAFIA"*}

[Frank Ocean]
If I had twenty million dollars in the vault somewhere baby
Heh, it wouldn't matter anyway, yeah
Cause the doctor told me that I'm dyin slowly
So I guess I gotta love you while I'm here baby; did you know

News said that the sky is fallin
The globe is warmin, my country's warrin
The leaders a liar, time is running
Lower and lower babe, lower ba-bay
I know we just met
But baby could you love me quickly, quickly
I, want you to love me like ya know the world's about to
End baby, quickly, ohhh

[Frank Ocean]
Told me I don't even know your name
I said well then we mine as well make ours the same
What you think baby? No time
Vegas might as well be light years away
So we better lay under the stars
before they crashin down; cause I heard


[Frank Ocean]
That's right baby; kiss me like the world is wicked
Like the Earth is shakin, you got it baby
That's right love me; feeling like our time is sprinting faster
Running out on us

[Chorus] - second half

[Frank Ocean]
Barely know me baby but you gotta love me quickly, quickly
Ohhh, gotta love me like you know the world's about to
end baby, quickly, yeahh
Gotta love me quickly, quickly
Gotta love me baby, quick now
Gotta love me baby, quickly now
Gotta love me like you know the world's about to end baby, quickly
News said the sky was fallin, yeah
News said; ohh na nah