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Artist: Frank Ocean
Album:  channel ORANGE
Song:   Lost
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Frank Ocean]
Double D; big full breasts on my baby
(Yo we goin to Florida)
Triple weight
Couldn't weigh the love I've got for the girl
And I just wanna know
why you ain't been goin to work?
Boss ain't workin you like this
He can't take care of you like this

Now you're lost
Lost in the heat of it all
Girl you know you're lost
Lost in the thrill of it all
Miami, Amsterdam
Tokyo, Spain, lost
Los Angeles, India
Lost on a train, lost

[Frank Ocean]
Got on my butter cream, silk shirt and it's Versace
Hand me my triple weight
So I can weigh the work I got on your girl
(Too weird to live, too rare to die)
No I don't really wish
I don't wish the titties would show
Nor have I ever
Have I ever let you get caught


[Frank Ocean]
She's at a stove
Can't believe I got her out here cookin dope (cookin dope)
I promise she'll be
Whipping meals up for a family of her owwwwn, some day
Nothing wrong (nothing wrong, ain't nothing wrong)
No nothing wrong with a lie
Nothing wrong with another short plane ride
(Nothing wrong, ain't nothing wrong)
Through the sky, up in the sky
You and I, just you and I


Love lost stars
Love love
Love lost stars
Love love
Love lost
Love love
Love lost

[channel surfing]
Life is the substance
Then the other channel on the