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Artist: Fozzey & VanC
Album:  Perfect Couple (S)
Song:   Perfect Couple, Pt. 2
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

When you coming home?
Been waiting forever, the day that never comes
I've been waiting for ever, the day that never comes

She put the letter down, she froze in time
she looked him in the eye and said I know you're mine
but he was lifeless, no pulse left
she's the one he's suppose to grow old with

But look, she went and dialled triple 0
they asked so many questions she didn't know
she hangs up, and calls her friend
praying it's just a dream, it all should end

To her it all seems so surreal
how's she suppose to feel?
Seeing everything in life she use to have
get carried away in a bodybag

This is something you just can't brace for
she's regretting in the past she never gave more
she'd do anything now just to bring him back
but she's the reason he's gone, she's gotta live with that

She can't smile, so much ache in her heart
she can literally feel it breakin' apart
No sleep yep, plenty missed
Nothing to fill the void, of emptiness

Just a lost child, now a lost soul
all because of her heart, it turned cold
He looks down on her, with no hate
she can hear a voice, with no face

So many memories, that she cries about
as they open the casket, and lay him down
it's the last time she'll every see his face again
but she'll always feel that very special place within

And now he's gone, yeah six feet under
and why people cheat, it makes me wonder

What a story, this is where the chapter ends
this is what I do, due to my lack of friends
Deal with your issues, everyone's got them
it's a permanent solution, to a temporary problem

Been waiting forever, the day that never comes
I've been waiting forever, the day that never comes