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Artist: Fozzey & VanC f/ Allday
Album:  Happy Ending (S)
Song:   Happy Ending
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I spent my adolescence on a park bench
Half-drenched, free-styling with my dumb friends
Spent last year sleeping with strangers and
It was easy pickings because I'm nearly famous
Now I'm innovating, yeah I been in changing
The motif in me, now I'm [?]
And it's irritating the way my mother raised me
Without discipline but listening-I love that lady
Don't you say a word about her, yeah I'm fucking proud
If my dad stuck around
Probably wouldn't be up here now
Hop into another crowd, 'nother city, 'nother round
'Nother flight connect to make a record 'til the fun is out
'Til the hungers out
And you never know
If that day ever comes, pray that I can let it go
But I was 10 when I first time I picked up a pen and wrote
So arthritis is the only time id ever slow
Done my fair share of stupid things
[?] into tears and won too many beauty queens
Now I'm in the room staring at computer screens
Hiding from the world, I am not a human being
Wayne said that I tend to agree
Got this drink in my cup just to get through the week
They just want to get through to me
I tell them hell no, guess I'm just too [?]
[?] university because I went and packed it in
This rap shit better have a happy end
This rap shit better have a happy end

Life is a maze, forget the I-n-g
It's time to free all the demons that hide in me
Life sucks and I think what am I in it for?
I should really leave, I can't stand a minute more
The girl I love to death, she went and fucked me over
She always hurts me, doesn't matter if shes drunk or sober
Like, I don't think ill ever love again
Heartbreak hotel is always where I'm checking in
I used to throw touchdowns in the end zone
Now if they get to close, I throw them in the friend-zone
To think someone cares about me I say 'no way'
So I just put on a smile and say I'm okay
But really, my thoughts are eating me alive
Because I see the wrong in what everyone sees is right
And some fans was telling me I went and saved a life
I just wish I took my own advice and made it right
I'm in a vicious cycle, can't even see my friends
I'm back to square one, talking to this beat again
I'm stuck in the middle, I can't turn left or right
Cause when shit goes down, you're the one that's left alright
And I'm the one here, always the one who's breaking down
I'm praying you tell me 'it's alright' but you don't make a sound
Now I should really focus on me and my fucking music
But I've had enough of this, so watch me fucking lose it
You played me all along, I know that you adored him
You just showed your cards, I'm hoping you go all in
I know you got that fucking line
I know ill be alright, just give me fucking time
It just sucks that I had so much respect for you girl
I just wanted your love, I didn't expect the world
You treat me like shit and you know it's true
Yet say you love me but won't change, I'm confused

Working this hard shouldn't be so easy
Call me [?] just so you can please me
This is the beginning, wheres my happy ending?
This is the beginning, I want my happy ending
I want my happy ending
I want my happy ending

If the book closes now, would I be happy with it?
Would I be sad if that chapter had to go and finish?
I ask myself the same question every single night:
Are you sure you want this rapping [?]
And I say I don't care if everything peaks here
Because my love for this has grown like each year
I don't really get long if labels aren't getting at me
Just as long as I'm smiling, and my ending's happy

This is the beginning, wheres my happy ending?
This is the beginning, I want my happy ending
I want my happy ending
I want my happy ending