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Artist: Foxy Brown
Album:  Def Jam 'Thirsty' Sampler
Song:   BK Made Me
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Guiding, a dream
It's where, we always meet
I'm guiding, a dream
It's where, we alway meet

(-Verse One-)
Got dreams of ending this bitch, My life is miserable
Make me end this shit, find my ass in critical
No, My nightmares come frequent like they rituals
But my words come swift, divine like the Pennicle
See, that's why I rock my shades, so when I cry
And my eyes are red, I can still hide my pain
Then I step on stage and, crowd is in a rage and
I make the first page and, my mission's complete
But when I step off of stage, it's back to reality
Problems still the same, and life's a fuckin' tragedy
Thoughts still the same and, I still dream of dying and
Taking some hard shit, to make me feel I'm flying and
Wish I was told I was carried as low
In this cold fuckin' world, I wanna fuckin' explode
Guess it's time for me to depart, know it sounds strange
But I served my purpose, and I made my mark

(-Repeat Hook-)

(-Verse Two-)
As long as the streets know it's a classic
Fluck all y'all envious bastards
I'm thorough when I'm, reppin' my borough nigga
Know tell me who could fuck wit', y'all put y'all money it
I make examples out of bitches, y'all don't really want it
Since Ill Na Na, I've been going through drama
And I get on my knees
And I thank, God for my momma
Since a youngin I been knowin', I be forever flowin'
Back in the lab biatch, back in my zone
No, thou shall not fuck with F to the Izz O
Bullshit aside, I got y'all rappers by a lanslide
Pardon me, I'm not your average, I'm a savage
When it come to this game, I'm as ill as my name
So Gav and Ant brought me back, I was sick of this rap
Sick of the fame, sick of niggas hauling my name
No, I cant quit 
I'm as real as they get
Yes, back on the scene
Still reps no press

(-Repeat Hook-)

(-Verse 3-)
Death before dishonor 
Born alone, die alone
My crew think I'm 7, bought a plane so I could fly alone
No security, got the nine through the stallion
Run through Louie, when I wanna get my style on
Body something, get the chair and I'll fry alone
The skylarking, six be moonwalking
No, who keeps a floss game like Fox and Pretty
In Kennedy with twenty Louie's like Akeim and Simmi
No, nobody grinning, don't take it as rude
I was a little too gangsta for the Moulin Rouge

(-Repeat Hook Until End-)