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Artist: Foxy Brown
Album:  Blue Streak soundtrack
Song:   Na Na Be Like
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A and Loc
(99 Def Jam)
Tell me what y'all want, whoa
Ugh, anybody want it?
Come see me, what?
Neno, I said it, Fame

I flows sicker like
Tote quicker like
Na Na pop [shit] like spit hotness
Chicks love to gossip
Catch me in my crop [shit] like
I spit flames Na Na
What's my name, Na Na
Like I am that chick Prada want bitch
Rude gal I bop holder
Big gat, big things, Taiwan like
I'm undisputed
Know y'all got to bow when you see
What's my name? Na Na
Like I'm that chick pushing big six
Little broad 5 foot talk bigness like
See my clique ride big stiff
Like swiss hole you know? handcuff [shit] like
Supremeness, y'all broads is ancient
I'll bank your whole wrist
Top draft pick like
I'm the Prince Nasheem of this [shit]
Come test me and leave with your vest swiss cheese like

1 - Na Na be like
    Floorless ice wrists
    Sassy ass chick I started this here
    Na Na be like
    Sexy with class
    Got your man in the corner try-na freak my whoa! (oh)
    Na Na be like
    Holdin' it down
    All my thugs screaming Fox when I come around
    Na Na be like
    Running this here
    Gonna have you broke chicks all running this year, whoa

My wrist think, light gray [shit]
Call me Sun-splash heir, pure wetness, whoa
I switched up, put the six up
Everybody want chopsticks, rock bold wrists, whoa
I've done this, spit hotness
Na Na tote big fifth
What's my name? Na Na, whoa
It's my cat they could come lick
On my breast that they all wanna come kiss, whoa
It's on me they see when they want truthness
It's you that they see when they want bull [shit], whoa
It's my car that they wanna go get
On my rock that they wanna come stick, whoa
I'm the chick that'll drop my [shit]
Before I leave y'all [niggas] wan' pay nice price whoa
It's my life that they wanna live like
It's my flow that honey wanna sound like, whoa

Repeat 1

Snitches wanna test my aim
I spray sick like lunatic
You better keep pushin' your [shit] back
You not threat me yet, you wanna try Na Na?
Pure gun shot, I need a Punani-dani
Me and shop with a boy not proportionate
Even idiot, can still ride, come and whoop that
Eh, eh, Na Na talk greasy what?
Eh, eh, and who's the ass wanna see me
My diamonds is Blue Streak
You Tito brand, money wash my hands, soprano style
Nubian Chanel purse
You think you're nice then sneak behind my verse
So bow down what's my name
Na Na Like, Na Na Like

Repeat 1 till end