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Artist: Foxy Brown
Album:  Broken Silence
Song:   Na Na Be Like
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Trini.. yeah yes, Pretty Boy
(99 Def Jam) I said it
Fuck y'all bitches want, whoa
I'ma stay poppin shit
Anybody want it? Come see me, what?
Fame.. yagga..

[Foxy Brown]
I flows sicker like, tote quicker like
Na Na pop shit like spit hot shit
Bitches love to gossip, catch me in my crop shit like
I spit flame bitch fuck's my name? Na Na
Like, I'm the bitch Prada wan' pitch
Rude gal, back court, big gun
Big tings a'gwan like, I'm undisputed
Now y'all got to bow when you see me, fuck's my name? Na Na
Like, I'm the bitch pushin big 6
Likkle broad, five foot, pop big shit like
See my clique, ride big dick like
Swiss hole y'know?  Handcuff shit like
Supreme bitch, y'all broads is ancient
I'll bank your whole shit, top draft pick like
I'm the Prince Nasheem of this shit
Come test me; and leave with your vest swiss cheese like

(Na Na be like) Flawless ice shit
Sassy-ass chick, I started this shit
(Na Na be like) Big bone gal
Whoa, light-er, come smoke the skunk ya
(Na Na be like) Yagga yagga yo
Say we nah sucky ducky, iffa wear no name brand, eh
(Na Na be like) Runnin this here
Bet I have y'all broke bitches all runnin this year, whoa

[Foxy Brown]
My wrist thick, light gray shit
Call me, Sunsplash, ya dun know wetness, whoa
I switched up, put the 6 up
E'rybody wan' chop 6 rock 'bout wrist, whoa
I've done this, spit hotness
Na Na tote big fifth; fuck's my name? Na Na, whoa
And my pussy niggaz wan' lick
And my big tits una wan' come kiss
And me, una see, when them want truthness
And you, una 'ear come spit bullshit, whoa
I might care, but I won't go there
I might rock this, but I wan' come stick, whoa
I'm the chick that'll drop my shit
'fore a eedyot nigga wan' pay nice price whoa
And my life una wan' live like
And hot girl dis, una wan' sound like, whoa


[Foxy Brown]
Bitches wan' test my aim; I spray sick like lunatic
Ya better keep pushin' your shit back
Ya nah threat me, oh you wanna try Nani?
Pure gun shot, I need a Punani-dani
Woof, (??) yagga ya suck ya mumma mouf
Pussy hole, big gun inna ya mouf gal
Eh-eh, eh-eh, Na Na talk greasy what?
Eh-eh, eh-eh, an' who de ras wan' see me
Eh-eh, eh-eh, my diamonds is "Blue Streak"
Shit Tito brand, money wash my hands, Sopranos style
Eh-eh, eh-eh, Ruger in Chanel purse
You think you're nice bitch, spit behind my verse
Eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh
So bow down bitch, fuck's my name?
Na Na, wha wha? Na Na, wha wha?
Na Na, Na Na, Na Na, yagga yagga yo, whoa

[Chorus] - repeat 2X