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Artist: Force MD's f/ Raekwon
Album:  The Reunion
Song:   Hot Request
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Raekwon (Force MD)]
I like this shit I'm seein' in the front too
(yo yo yo yo true)
That's important, know what I mean?
(It's 'bout the time man, it's 'bout the time yo)
That Afro-American black shit, you know?

[Chorus: Force MD's]
We're the mighty Force MD's, we came to get pai-aid
This is a Hot Request that must be played
We're gonna bring it back, to where it all began
Straight from the Jungle Nillz of Shaolin

What is it? Yeah..
It's all money on it
Puttin' CREAM on it

Aiyo Staten Island gun bust, gold and plaque statue on the bus
Spectaculous, us, Wallabees plush, of course
Bring The Force in, melody, melodic four horsemen
Rock, underneath the flostin'
Sport car music from the eighties
Yo it's all gravy lady
You can hold my hand, when they sing baby
Pedestrians ride, fake niggas move aside
I'm the Don of the game, together we the two 4-5s

[Force MD's (Raekwon)]
Projects in front of 3:31
We sing in front of our family and friends for fun (light)
Peak our ashtray to the very full (what is it? what is it?)
Nigga I'm just livin' without bein' broke
Mr. Magic on the radio, got us a deal when he heard us blow

{*beat cuts off*}
Heard us blow, heard us blow, heard us blow
Let us show you, let us..
How we get this, how we it.. (come on, come on)
Accapella, we did it accapella..
Music (it's all real, baby, real)
Fantastic, fantastic..
For the people, get that human bein' vibe
Around people, of hip-hop (live, live)

{*beat comes back in*}
Makin' heats, out showin' on the road
We toured around the world and lots of records we sold
Made money like we've never seen before (it's all real in the field)
Houses, clothes and Reebok, valued so much more (what? what?)
Now our fame is really sweet, everybody was playin' us on the street
On the street, on the street, on the street.. (yeah)
All we achieved, all we achieved..
Still there were life's treasures deep (make it here, for real)
Treasures deep.. we never could reach
Force was too fresh to keep.. it's all love

Straight up fella show 'em how we bid
Rather receive that give, throw jewels in a nigga wig, live
Goin' back, mockneck hats, cordoroys
Bill Blass belts, gazelles, armory days
Slacks, brush 'em sideways, you liver
Fly ass straddler, recognize Dick
The watch blind ya eyes up
Staten Island click rep on
Violate, get stepped on
These shots'll blow through your teflon
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, what? What?

[Force MD's (Raekwon)]
People say we're old school, and we say "yeah that's true"
If it wasn't for cats like us and Cold Krush
There wouldn't be no lethal (yeah yeah you know the deal)
No ya know the story, we made it to the to-op
We're gonna keep it movin' from the two to the low
And we ain't gonna sto-op

[Outro: Force MD]
Yo peace out to ??, Dr. Rock rest in peace
Force MD's, we out