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Artist: Foesum w/ Bo-Roc
Album:  Perfection
Song:   In The Wind

Yeah, this is Bo-Roc from the Dove Shack
G Funk representing baby
And I'm chillin with my homeboys Foesum and the Twinz
(And I'm in the wind)
This is how we gonna set it off, for all my folks

I see my games recognized who despise get a glimpse
I'm tryin to seperate myself from these playa hatin simps
rollin down the backstreets with my peeps, its on again
LBC and cuz I'm off in the wind
establish myself to keep my chips on stacks
so face the facts as I bring it to you just like that
don't play me so locc, listen to the Dubb and chill
just loungin wit the homies so I'm keepin it real
now, what about those days when I was strugglin for my pay
when times got rough and some of the homeys went astray
but never the less I keep the facts and regards
stayin true to myself as I'm pullin your card
now break me off cuz I'm settin it off to get my props
still rollin with the fo and shakin those that jock
So peep game as I'm comin through, ooh
cuz what goes around comes around I thought you knew

(Chorus) Bo-Roc
Oh I'm in the wind
I set it off now look around
cuz what goes around, comes around and round
its calling to be falling but I'm balling
cuz its all in my game, in my game

Verse deuce
Lemme get loose
With your attention as I hit you from a whole nother direction
Perfection, is how it started and I'm finished
cuz even though you hit the top (top) 
someday you'll drop (drop), and then diminish (gone)
its just a struggle living day to day
I count my ends sippin gin in the wind as I fade away
but some be actin like they made in the shade
cuz they paid but really and truly should've stayed
real with yo mind in the right frame
its cool to floss like the boss but maintain the same game
what you be thinkin its no tellin
but I stay funkish on my ends
roll with my friends and continue bellin
its just the way I see things as a G and,
Your lost in the zone
cuz you flossin on your own
I ain't the type to break another homey down
But what goes around comes around
you shoulda listened to the sound


DJ Glaze-
Yo, I'm bellin in the names and lemme run it to ya
and spit a little game to the homeys on how its comin to ya
so step aside lemme slide through
while I get to peepin thangs I'm comin from my view
cuz anytime you caught up in the struggle you see it all,
lose some of your homeys around the way and others don't even call (damn)
But I ain't trippin it ain't like that
if you show me love I show you homey love right back
cuz I ain't never been the type that'll ever forget about ya
get to spreadin rumors that other some people said about ya
cuz in the past we had fun with homeys kickin it deep
but now I'm dippin with them G's from the F to the O to the E
and as for the females you know how they trip
anytime they see you makin chips they quick to get on ya tip
but I ain't goin out, you shoulda stayed down
and watch who you clown 
cuz what goes around comes around

(Chorus) x3