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Artist: Focus... f/ Kendrick Lamar, Pro-Verb, Ras Kass, Latoiya Williams
Album:  Pay Homage
Song:   Homage to Daz & Soopafly
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{Sound without Focus... is just noise.}

We gon' party with y'all a little bit (okay!)
It's my tribute to the West, tight..

With so much knock in the LBC 
It was hard not to claim that DPG
Summertime popped in the L-A-C
with the music courtesy of D-A-Z
and the Soopa, Doopa, Fly for the troopers
riders, supers, hoes, groupies
All of 'em with the short tight jeans on
"Let's Play House" all of 'em theme song
Word on the gangsta, squad up!
Black, brown, throw a St. Ides up (Eastside~!)
..then the West got harder
And Soopafly hit 'em on the head on "Tha Doggfather"
Don't nobody party like the West though
G-Funk been the sound since Death Row
Where you think we got the kicked-in clap at?
Time to bring it back, bitch, and it's like that

[Chorus: Latoiya Williams]
Only in L.A. (Only in L.A.)
Where the gangstas play (Where the gangstas play)
Catchin up on fame
Summertime in, West Coast ride

[Ras Kass]
I'm +Focus-ed+ man..
I'm about that shit, hoe, gotta get this money
Long Beach, C-R-Son, all the shit is sunny
Put the monkey in it, like the shit is funny
Banana Clip Rassy 'bout to spit this dummy
But funkers told me to kick back
I like revenge, retaliation, and getback, nigga!
Got more bars than Kit-Kat
Get smacked like Katt Stacks if you lip jack
A muh'fucker betta recognize
With a flick of my wrist like a Vulcan, you all die!
All I do is ball high
Tryna stay above the rim like a tall guy
Dat Nigga Daz, Soopafly, alright
Lexus {?}, left lanes, all ride
OG to BG, I thought I warn ya
+Only... in California+!


[Kendrick Lamar]
Movin down Rosecrans, bumpin D-A-Z
Feelin like 1-9-9-3, only one to the 710
I'm in Long Beach, home of Dillinger
dealin the gangsta shit, gangsta killa
You wankstas quit fillin ya iPod up with classics
Ain't a nigga out could match them ad-libs (Woo!)
D-P-G-C General
Gin on my breath while Jennifer hold my genitals
Yeah it's llike that cause I was taught that
Back when "Dogg Food" dropped in the Compton Swap Meet parking lot
Daddy V had three, sold one to my pops
We was poppin out, the trunk in the Caddy was rockin out
Slap a nigga in the FACE with the 808s'
Even made Pac salute, snares like a BEAR trap
They're un-BEARable too, BEAR witness
Hits like BAR-RY Bonds, Daz the REALEST!