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Artist: French Montana
Album:  Why So Serious? (S)
Song:   Why So Serious?
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Sing a happy tune
The boy that cried through you
We live the pictures that have come to past
And now you stand alone, love is lost and blown
And we are flesh and blood the sinner......

Her rhyme seem certain my mind sometime is bizarre
I write lines wizzerts, no money no cure
It's slow but sure when I go they'll know Montanas observant arghh arghh
My whip automatic, my guns automatic
Back shots then I get the head automatic, (Oooo weee)
Send her home bare footed grizzly skin gators homie I'm bare footed
I hear your heartbeat beat, yous a...
I'm the corner block pot holes concrete
Hate us or not we invaded the block skin skulls and totems gators and crocs

Time has stopped before us
The sky cannot ignore us
No one can separate us
For we are all that is

In the sound of the water dripping down from the ceiling to the bucket
Where I'm cleaning my guns to go kill em
Sunshine, rain pour, massacre chainsaw
And I don't want your money you know what I came for
You niggas make your moves
I'll erase your move they want me shackled up in segregation unit
But I was born to fly Montana certified
In case you're under a rock, you never heard of I
Who did the I'm the boss
They call me the nuclear holocaust
We got planners this thick??...
I met your bell like ding dong banana clip
Go ahead and play King Kong, your head will split

Now the kingdom comes, crushing down and down
And I am master of nothing??.... hahahaha